iContact Review – Save Money, and Harness the Power of E-Mail Marketing

Social media and e-mail marketing are two strategies that have a statistically high ROI for businesses that use them, but they can be difficult to successfully employ if you aren’t a marketing expert. This is where iContact comes in- iContact provides a broad range of e-mail marketing services, so businesses can get the most bang for their advertising buck.

Even users who don’t know anything about designing a good e-mail marketing campaign can get a lot of use out of iContact. The company offers several different tools that business owners can use to create good marketing campaigns, even if they start out with absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

How iContact Works

With iContact, users can create attractive, effective e-mail messages. The company offers e-mail templates, and a “What You See Is What You Get” editor that can help businesses create e-mail marketing messages even without any knowledge of HTML. For customers who would rather code their messages from scratch, or import specific code into their e-mails, they offer a MessageCoder that lets them do just that.

When it comes to social media marketing, iContact gives businesses a way to integrate their social networking presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter with their e-mail marketing strategies. Users can add “Like This” or “Tweet This” buttons to their e-mail messages, or include sign-up forms on their Facebook pages that encourage visitors to subscribe to their mailing list.

What Customers are Saying About iContact

When it comes to iContact’s pros, it has a very easy to use, intuitive user interface. It’s also inexpensive, offers users a huge variety of e-mail templates, gives users the ability to track what happens to their messages when and if they’re received, and allows them to set up e-mail autoresponders. There is also no limit to the number of e-mail mailing lists users can set up with iContact, which makes it easy to create marketing campaigns that are customized for specific sectors of a company’s customer base. Users also don’t need to worry about overpaying for their e-mail marketing service, since iContact has a large number of price plans divvied up based on how big the user’s mailing list is, so there are plenty of different pricing options available for large and small companies alike.

The downsides to iContact are the company’s support hours, how their service scales for larger companies, and some of their advanced features. Their support staff is only available from 8:00 am EST to 8:00 pm EST, which may be inconvenient for users in other time zones. Companies with mailing lists of over 100,000 subscribers may want to give iContact a miss in favor of a service that’s better geared toward very large e-mail campaigns. When it comes to iContact’s advanced features, like their premium services, some of their competition may be more economical.

iContact Pricing

All of iContact’s pricing plans are priced according to the number of subscribers that they server. Their monthly plans include:

• 500 subscribers, for $14.00 per month.
• 1,000 subscribers, for $19.00 per month.
• 2,500 subscribers, for $29.00 per month.
• 5,000 subscribers, for $47.00 per month.
• 10,000 subscribers, for $74.00 per month.
• 15,000 subscribers, for $109.00 per month.
• 25,000 subscribers, for $149.00 per month.
• 35,000 subscribers, for $239.00 per month.
• 50,000 subscribers, for $379.00 per month.
• 75,000 subscribers, for $529.00 per month.
• 100,000 subscribers, for $699.00 per month.
• Customized plans for mailing lists of over 100,000 subscribers.

These prices are for individuals and businesses, and reflect a month-to-moth subscription plan. Annual plans receive a 15% discount off of the regular monthly price. Non-profit organizations are entitled to special pricing through iContact. Organizations within North Carolina can get free service, while all others can get 20% off of their iContact plan.


E-mail marketing is a popular and effective way to advertise, and iContact makes it easy to use this marketing strategy to your advantage. Though users report that it’s best employed by companies with smaller mailing lists, iContact is still worth looking into if you’re looking for a versatile, easy-to-use e-mail marketing tool that allows for social networking integration.