How to Send and Receive Large Files with

How to Send and Receive Large Files with

Tired of having to zip every file you share with clients and co-workers? You Send It allows you to share large files and invite collaboration without having to deal with zipping and unzipping files on both ends.

Plus, with its document signing feature, you can toss your fax machine in the dumpster and streamline operations. If you’ve been trying to find a way to better manage your documents, You Send It could be the software solution for you.

Send and Receive Large Files

You Send It lets you transfer files up to forty times larger than traditional e-mail. You’ll simply navigate to You Send It via a web browser, enter the e-mail address of the intended recipient, and attach your file.

You’ll be able to send files that are up to 2GB in size. If you have an entire folder you need to send, you can zip it up and send it, too, making it easy to share work with colleagues. You aren’t bound by web browsers, though. You’ll be able to send large files directly from the applications where you create them—including Adobe Photoshop and Acrobat.

If you’re worried about security, that is covered, as well. You can password-protect your e-mails to make sure only the intended recipient views your sensitive information. You Send It requires e-mail and password authentication for each user accessing your files. For additional convenience, you can require a return receipt when your file has been viewed. This will help you more easily track the files you transfer.

Cloud-Based Document Storage

These days, co-workers and colleagues are scattered throughout the world. Some work from home, some work from offices, and some are in the field all day. You Send It allows you to upload a file to a folder, where it can instantly be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection, anywhere in the world, using any device.

Here’s how it works. You set up a folder on your desktop or laptop. When you are ready, you move your file into that folder. You’ll see an indicator that your folder is syncing briefly, then you’ll see a checkmark that your file has been successfully uploaded to the Cloud.

At that point, your field staff and clients will be able to access that folder, assuming you’ve granted them access. They can login using a PC, laptop, or even a mobile device and view the file. If you set it up that they can edit the file, they’ll be able to make changes from wherever they are. You can imagine the ways this could make your collaborations flow more smoothly.

Easy Signatures

If you’re still hanging onto your fax machine for those times you’ll have to sign a document and send it, You Send It can help. How does this work? You have one of two choices. One is creating a signature, saving it to your computer as a file, and uploading it to your account.

Several sites exist that allow you to create a signature and save it, but unless you have a touchscreen where you can use a stylus or your finger, or you are good at signing your name using a mouse, it’s unlikely to be an accurate representation of your real signature.

Another choice is to sign a piece of paper and scan it in. If you don’t have a scanner, a FedEx Office location may be able to scan it in for you, or you could have a friend or colleague do it.

Using You Send It’s signature feature, you can easily sign contracts or other documents, saving time and money. These days, clients expect your office to be able to handle contracts electronically, often e-mailing them to you for your immediate attention.


You Send It helps your business stay up-to-date, allowing for professional management of files. With a two-week free trial, you can try out services with no obligation to buy.

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