How To Install Safety Control On Firefox

The web infinity

The internet provides us with a lot of good things; employment, information, business opportunities, and many more. We benefit from this endless good options everyday. But the internet is also a big ocean that carries bad things, many of which are very disastrous. We may be knowledgeable enough to distinguish between the things we want and those we do not want, but what about our kids? How do we feel knowing that our children are left on this uncensored cyberspace without protection but only controlled by their instincts?

Is there any solution?

Kids tend to be adventurous. Place a restriction to them and they will make it a duty to bypass those limitations. Thus we are still facing nightmares in trying to control the kind of content that our kids have access online. All these challenges have been resolved with the release of ProCon, a browser Plug-In Produc. ProCon is the best reliable solution to the safety of our kids on the internet. ProCon is a content-filtering extension for the Firefox browser with a sole function of protecting children from the inappropriate content on the internet. It offers you the desired control you seek on the internet activity of your kids, thereby ensuring that they are protected. You can block access to sites that contain certain keywords, web pages or perhaps only allow access to stipulated websites.

Secured and Easy To Use

ProCon can be easily installed with the normal Firefox add-on dialog. The user interface is made very simple. It is free of any defects and does not slow browser performance in any way. ProCon comes with a wide range of service options. It has a list of common keywords which can be edited to your choice to enhance its performance. It works in three modes with these specified keywords. The Main Filter blocks access to complete websites, another blocks access to sites or web pages due to a matching keyword on the title, Meta tags or the body. The third parameter blocks access to sites by just looking at the URL. The best part is that you are allowed to configure ProCon to use one, two or all these blocking options. It can filter any type of content, pornography, hacking, cracking, gambling, etc.

Ultimate Protection

ProCon can be password protected, which will restrict unauthorized access to the settings interface. Other features integrated in this simple kid security suit include optional right-click integration, import-export of settings, and option to lock access to about, config, and more. ProCon is not just a freeware but also free from adware or spyware. With a small space requirement of 73.06 KB, it can be un-noticeably running on your computer system, sitting quietly in the taskbar.

What You Will Get From Procon

  • Customizable filtering modes
  • Password protection
  • It will indicate when the protection is on
  • Total control to the surfing experience of your kids
  • Blocks access to sites, web pages, or URLs – your choice

Yes, It Works..

ProCon Latte Firefox browser extension is a good internet security tool that should be installed in any home computer, school computers or in the administrative server/computer in a public computer set up. The free service is unique and its features make it suitable for every event, place or situation. It will guide your kids, give them pleasant surfing experience and save them from the ever increasing internet crime, theft, and from the unpleasant content that is all over the World Wide Web.