How to Design the Best WordPress Website

How to Design the Best WordPress Website

How to Design the Best WordPress WebsiteThe old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” may be a nice sentiment, but it is not very realistic. The truth is people judge most things by their appearance. This is especially true when individuals interact with online content. If it does not look appealing, if it is not easy to navigate, and if it doesn’t enhance the user’s experience, then the chances are that user will not be returning. Designing a great WordPress website is crucial to retaining user involvement. With so many options available to customize WordPress, designing a great site is easy. Here are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Work on increasing overall site optimization.

Is your site working its hardest for you? A great site should have a good cache engine that works to improve the overall server performance. Shorter download times enhance every user’s experience and are an important aspect to increasing overall site optimization. Many programs are out there, such as Word Press Optimize (WP-Optimize) that assist you in easy database clean up including removing post revisions and/or inappropriate posts.

2. Engaging Your Targeted Base

It is always worthwhile to evaluate your contact forms. Are they clear? Are the forms easy to use? Do the forms ask for specific information? Do you offer different contact forms for different purposes? Providing your targeted audiences with accurate, easy to use forms encourages them to participate in the site. Likewise, it is worth the time to evaluate your comment section. Can users rate others’ comments in the site? Several plugins allow you to select a star or thumbs up, thumbs down rating system. This further entices users to interact with your page and offer valuable feedback.

3. Interacting with your target base.

Here’s an undeniable truth: people absolutely love to feel appreciated. Installing an automatic email plugin that sends an acknowledgement or thank-you email to individuals who comment on your blog can increase your loyal followers. If people believe you are actively paying attention to their comments, they are not only more likely to comment, but they are more likely to return. Creating a short but heart-felt message is key; avoid non-personal emails that the receiver would not connect with and immediately delete.

4. Install relevant plugins.

If you can imagine it, someone has probably already designed a plugin for it. Keeping up on new plug-ins and installing relevant ones on your site keep your site current and relevant. Whether you are looking to integrate videos, Flickr photos, or e-commerce tools, there is a plug in to help you accomplish your goals. Be sure to install only plugins that support your content; it may be tempting to install all the coolest new ones, but you want to resist overloading your user. Stick to ones that enhance your specific goals.
Great WordPress sites are within your grasp. Before you get started with creating the site, or revamp an existing site, take the time to evaluate what needs to be done. Once you have a clearly defined list, begin searching for resources that meet your needs.

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