How to Avoid Downloading Poor Apps While Searching the Android Market Store

Have you unwittingly stuffed your smart phone with poor quality applications? The Android app store is majorly overwhelming with the number of free apps on Google play store. Growing at breakneck speed, the Android store is updating itself with the best Android applications on a daily basis.

You don’t want to download Android tools of poor repute. How then do you sort out the good applications from the poor ones? Owning a smart phone opens you up to the next big problem, “what apps can I use on this?“  It is always good not to be hasty and spend time on research.

There some recognized techniques to make sure you only install the applications you really want. Please read them and let us know what you think!

Check the ratings

The best Android applications that enjoy popularity are verified and rated by users who have used it previously. Regular users tend to invariably rate the software tools they have downloaded. These ratings are always the best guidelines to go by. The apps that have ratings of 4/5 or 5/5 are surely excellent. Such mobile apps can be fully worth your time.

Check the information

The applications history on Google Play store gives you a decent picture of its popularity. More number of downloads implies greater popularity. Some of them are downloaded more than the others for a reason. You need to give the developer information some amount of consideration.

Check for videos

Some popular applications have walk-through to give you a clear picture of what it is like to use their software. This video can greatly influence your decision whether you want to download it or not.

Top Developers

Google Play recognizes some developers as “Top Developers”. These are people who have made some of the best Android applications, and are likely to produce good quality products in the future too. An app with the “Top Developers” sign on it signifies that its surely worth a try.


The descriptions tell you all you need to know about an app. The developers put a great amount of time and effort into this so that you make an informed decision about your purchase of free apps on Google Play Store. Go through descriptions to know all that you possibly can about them before you download any utility tool or game.

Quality of ratings

Ratings tell you about how much the app has impressed previous users. But you also need to consider how many users have actually provided ratings. A few users rating it 4/5 or even 5/5 may not mean much. You might want to check the number of people who have rated it so highly. This can tell you about the overall quality of the software.

User reviews

Users voice their comments regarding their personal experiences with the app. It is good practice to go through as many reviews as possible to gauge an app properly. Reviews from users who have rated it low are just as helpful as the ones who have rated it highly.

Users who have rated it highly can only point you to the positive features, whereas, users who rate it low have probably faced some negative aspects which are certainly worth knowing. Keep in mind that criticism may sometimes also be due to the user’s hardware rather than the program’s inability.

Review the developer

It is a good practice to visit the developer’s website and gauge their commitment towards the mobile apps they are creating. Higher commitment produces higher quality.

Similar applications

Another great idea is to brush through suggested similar applications that you are viewing. You invariably get an idea about the effectiveness of the reviewing user.

Make your own choice

Ultimately it’s your decision whether to download the software or not. These tips can only guide you but you can always rely on instinct to find the right fit for yourself. Download, Install, Use and if you are impressed with it, go back rate it, and review it for the benefit of other users.


Good user practice is always essential to finding the best Android applications. Developers will always tell you why you need to download their applications, but users can tell you why not. Always make sure that you have done adequate research before you download Android apps. Never base your decision on one users opinions alone, there may also be irrelevant reasons for the individual users bias as well.

Consider similar software to the ones you have been browsing; who knows, you might land up at something better. The ratings and reviews from previous users, developer standards and the performance of the app are your only priority. After all, you want only the best for your smart phone!