Mozy Home Review: A Safe Place for your Data!

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If you’re looking in to purchasing Mozy Home, the chances are you’ve come to the realisation that it’s time to secure your data through a recognised online storage system.

Mozy Home is one of the leading brands of online storage, designed to protect your information by backing it up as you work, to ensure that if anything happens to your computer hard drive you still have access to valuable files such as photographs, documents and spreadsheets.

One of the main things which most people consider when deciding whether or not to buy online storage is whether or not it is safe to use.

The thought of an unknown application sweeping your hard disk to retrieve copies of all of your valuable data can be disconcerting, especially if the brand is new to you and you’re only just beginning to research the concept of online storage.

So, the first thing we need to answer about Mozy Home and online storage solutions in general is, are they safe to use?ou’re looking in to purchasing Mozy Home, the chances are you’ve come to the realisation that it’s time to secure your data through a recognised online storage system.

Mozy Home is one of the leading brands of online storage, designed to protect your information by backing it up as you work, to ensure that if anything happens to your computer hard drive you still have access to valuable files such as photographs, documents and spreadsheets.

Why online storage is a secure way to safeguard your documents and images

The internet is a dangerous place for innocent surfers. Wherever we go, we’re at risk from threats including malware, spyware, identity theft and Trojans. Couple this with the fact that our laptops and PCs can be damaged, stolen or lost at any time, it’s easy for you to become concerned about keeping your data safe and your identity secure.

Here’s the good news. Online storage is designed to be one of the safest ways possible to keep your information backed up and secure against loss, theft, damage and hacking. The companies who develop storage solutions use the same technology to safeguard your data as the world’s biggest banks, meaning that the levels of encryption used are totally reliable. That can go a long way to offering us peace of mind when it comes to trusting an online storage software solution to treat our personal and confidential information with the respect which it deserves.

My story…

As someone who spends almost as much time in the virtual world as the real one, researching online and running a small business, it’s extremely important for me to make sure that I choose safe and reliable ways of saving my data from harm. My entire life is stored on my PC, from photographs taken over a period of years right through to my accounts, financial data, documents, videos, and other files.

This really came home to me the other week. My young nephew came over to stay with me for the day, and wanted to play on my laptop. As he was looking online, he accidentally spilled a full glass of orange juice over the laptop. I panicked, but once I managed to get my laptop replaced, I was able to retrieve the full contents of the hard drive through Mozy.

If I had not invested in a good online storage system, I would have been left without my data and forced to start again to rebuild my information management system, one document at a time. Thank heavens that security has evolved, giving us the opportunity to stay safe in the face of accidents!

Mozy allowed me to download everything I needed from my online store with just a few clicks, replacing my data within minutes. I felt as if I had somehow cheated fate, and was a bit smug as I realised how great it was to know that all of my information could be retrieved. One in the face for accidental damage!

Anyone who has had their hard drive crash or corrupt knows the total devastation that losing all of their data can cause. Events like operating system failure, which lead to a full reformat, the theft of a laptop or something as simple as a spilled glass of juice can leave us panicking, aware that half of our lives and the paperwork to go with it are probably lost forever.

Photographs of key family events such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are easily lost, and can’t be got back unless we take a few minutes to install a good online storage system to safeguard it for us.

What are the key benefits of using Mozy Home?

The main use for Mozy is that it backs up your data online. It’s designed to work best for people who are looking to secure their personal information or small business data. Mozy will safely copy and store your home videos, documents, photographs, music files and important data such as tax and account records. It boasts the following features:

  • An unlimited about of storage space for one price, meaning you can use it for every single document and file you have
  • The ability to back up and store any form of file which you hold on your PC, laptop, MAC or even your smartphone!
  • Military-grade encryption to safeguard your data, using the same technology that banks deploy
  • A quick and cheap way of saving data, when compared to burning CD back up disks or extra hard drives
  • An automatic update system which sweeps your hard drive and saves files as they are changed, added or amended in any way – this can also be scheduled
  • The confidence of knowing that Mozy is owned by a reputable Fortune 500 company, eliminating the risk of bankruptcy which could lead to loss of your data
  • Live online chat with technical support if you need any help, featuring support for Windows and Mac users
  • Restores available through the web, in-client, in-Windows or via DVD.

How has Mozy evolved?

Recent new features for Mozy include the addition of a backup strategy which enables both local and offsite copying and safeguarding of your data. This innovative function is available on either Mozy 2xProtect or Mozy 2.0 for Windows.

In addition, Mozy now lets you back up your data locally more quickly than ever before, preparing files up to 75% faster, and allowing transfers 25% faster than older versions of the software. Overall, Mozy is easier to use than previously, with an intuitive interface that guides you quickly and simply through the installation, scheduling and storage process.

Other features include the ability to pause backups if you need to, to free up your computer for other activities, and then resume again when you are ready. It can restore files which have been saved up to thirty days ago, and backs up all of your files (open and locked) including Outlook PST documents.

With a range of options for restoring data, and a function which means that only new or amended files are backed up each day, Mozy is quicker and easier to use than ever before. Mozy Home is compatible with Windows 7, 2000, XP, and Vista (32 & 64 bit), as well as Mac OS X 10.6, 10.5, & 10.4.

How secure is Mozy?

Given that Mozy is specifically designed to protect all our data, you’d hope that it would be run and managed to the most stringent security and encryption standards. Luckily, Mozy uses a system to encrypt all of your data locally, using the same military-grade system that is used by banks and financial services all over the world.

All you have to do is select a managed encryption key, or choose a personal key to make your data secure. Simple! All of the data housed with Mozy is kept in SAS70 or ISO certified data centres, meaning that your information is kept safe. Each time you modify or add a new file, it is automatically backed up and stored in these data centres.

Is it easy to use?

Check this video first!

With our busy schedules, the last thing we want to do is sign up to something that is tough to use, takes up too much memory, or slows us down. Mozy lets you back up your data either automatically, or to your own schedule, when your PC isn’t being used.

From there, it only backs up files that have been added or amended, keeping your data up to date. Another feature is that Mozy lets you choose how much bandwidth you want to dedicate to the storage system, so you can opt to free up space when you are working on important projects and need more memory.

With a number of restore options, Mozy also lets you get your data back either online, through the Mozy software client, or through a DVD restore facility. If you work with Windows, you can also decide to restore your data by a right-click function or the virtual Mozy drive.

What support is available for Mozy customers?

It’s important to have access to good support when you sign up to a new product. Mozy delivers well on this count, offering:

  • Access to the online Mozy Support Portal
  • Live chat with a support technician
  • Video tutorials to support easy use
  • A Mozy community forum to share best practice
  • Knowledge base self-help articles
  • The ability to raise ticketed support requests.

This means that users are able to make the most of their software, without struggling to find information out or get their queries resolved. For me, a good support service is one of the most fundamental elements of a good piece of software, and Mozy does not disappoint.

Is Mozy expensive to buy?

The good thing about Mozy is that it offers a free trial for people, so you can download and test it to see how it fits with your needs, before making a confirmed purchasing decision. The free trial provides you with 2GB of storage. From there, if you decide to pay for it, it costs just $5 per month, for unlimited storage.


Overall, Mozy is easy to use, secure, and a great answer to setting up online storage and making sure your data is secure from loss, theft or accidental damage to hardware.

Although the Mozy software can cause speed problems if used in conjunction with a slow internet service provider, this seems to be the only really pitfall to the product, and if you have a good connection, you shouldn’t notice a drop in productivity of your PC.

The software is very good value when you compare the cost with the price of losing all of your data, permanently. We pay much more than this for life and household insurance, so it makes sense to think of Mozy as being just another, cheaper, way of insuring ourselves against loss.