How Remote PC Access Can Change How You Run Your Business

Run Your Business Successfully

How Do You Run A Business?

The majority of new businesses close within a year of starting. Meanwhile, even established companies are under constant attack from cutthroat competitors and new players. Consumers are becoming more educated about their rights, and have become proactive about demanding better product and services. For thriving businesses, constant vigilance to improve and maintain quality is a must. All of these reasons make a good argument for using remote PC access software.

Most people think of using remote access software as a way to work all day in a comfortable bed or couch. To a certain extent, remote PC access does allow you that option if that’s how you prefer to run your business. More importantly, however, it is a valuable tool for making real-time collaboration more efficient and responsive.

An overview

Remote control software is a program that lets you see the screen of another computer that happens to be connected to your network. In order for it to work, you need to have access to both computers in order to configure its settings. More often than not, a push notification is needed to activate screen sharing, so the likelihood of “spying” on a computer to which you don’t have admin access is almost nil.

The computer being remotely accessed is called the “host”, while the computer viewing the host is called the “client”. There are some settings which allow multiple clients to access a single host, with only one client being given control and the others in view mode only.

If you enter a host computer, you will be seeing the exact same screen display and you can use your own keyboard and mouse to navigate through its dashboard and control panel. This gives you the ability to use the computer just as if you were physically in front of it.

In the early development stages of remote PC access software development, there were considerable lag times between actions initiated by the client and the response of the host computer. However, many versions later and with much faster internet speeds and OS/hardware capabilities, remote access can be so responsive that it mimics the feeling of working on the actual computer itself.

Business Possibilities

Remote PC access opens up a world of possibilities for companies of all sizes, from the one-man operation to multi-national firms.

  • Download files stored on a computer while on the go;
  • Access company database anytime, from any computer;
  • Access multiple computers simultaneously;
  • Troubleshoot a host computer from any location in the world—making it possible for technical support to be delivered in a timely manner without having to walk a user through the entire process;
  • Hold multimedia presentations and conferences;
  • Use for demonstration and orientation; and
  • Supervise employee activity more efficiently and effectively.

The virtual office

The beauty of the virtual office is that it is no longer confined to a physical location. As mobile technology and gadgets become even more specialized and customizable, remote viewing is a way to access your business records anytime and anywhere.

In fact, for certain businesses like brick-and-mortar shops who also maintain e-commerce websites, remote access viewing enables you to stay on call without having to drop everything else the moment you get a customer inquiry or rack up a sale. For multi-franchise businesses, it provides a way for key personnel to oversee critical operations without spreading themselves too thin.

Convenience notwithstanding, it allows you to cut your overhead to almost half. Just with the prohibitive costs of petrol alone, eliminating the need to run into the office to retrieve documents and access files results in greater efficiency. Just a few clicks and it’s as if you were sitting in front of your desk.

More significantly, the technology of remote PC viewing outfits your business to adapt to an increasingly preferred managerial model: overseas outsourcing.


There are many other uses for remote PC access. And as more features are introduced, this technology can be leveraged to help the tech-savvy manager gain an edge over the competition.