How does Mozy compare with other information storage solutions?

..A review of Mozy’s attributes in relation to CDs, Hard drives and Flash drives.

One of the main barriers between us and the safeguarding of our information is the lack of motivation to act. It is not usually until something happens to make us take a decision to safeguard our information, that we make the jump in to backing up our data. In fact, only two percent of PC users get around to regularly backing up their data.

Unfortunately, the catalyst for change is usually the loss of some of our important documents, through corruption of files, damage to a hard drive or accidental deletion. This means that most of us learn the hard way! I’m posting my views on Mozy in the hope that I can encourage you to store your important documents before possible disaster strikes!

The cost of backing up your data

Those of us who use CDs to back up our information probably spend a large amount of money. If you backed up your computer daily to CDs, you would go through hundreds of dollars worth of CDs a year.  Although external hard drives have come down in price recently, they offer limited capacity for storage.

Online storage solutions such as Mozy provide value for money, as they offer unlimited storage capacity for just a few dollars per month.

Longevity of backup mechanisms

Most people assume that backing up your data to CD offers a permanent solution to loss of information. The truth is, due to the nature of the chemicals used to manufacture recordable CDs, they have a much shorter lifespan than store-bought albums. In fact, even recordable CDs that are stored in dark, temperature-controlled rooms will not usually last for longer than a few years. This means that you have to be consistent about regularly transferring data to your preferred storage solution, to make sure you are secured against wear and tear.

Gaining peace of mind through safe, reliable storage

Are all of your important documents protected from theft, fire, flood, and other natural disasters? With Mozy, you know for sure that data you have lost can be recovered. Mozy works in the background for you as you go about your usual routine, continually detecting new data and changes to existing files on your computer. This brings you peace of mind that your information is always secure.

An enhanced security solution

With Mozy, no data is taken from your machine unless it is encrypted. When you register for the service, you create a unique user ID and password which means only you can unlock the encrypted files stored by Mozy. Mozy will not share any information about you or your data with advertisers or other third parties.