How does Carbonite keep my data secure?

Using a unique way that makes you sleep with no worries!

One of the main questions for anyone looking to use software for backing up their material is, how do I make sure that it will be safe, when I transfer it over to the hosting system?

My research in to Carbonite has given me peace of mind that it is a secure system. They use the same level of encryption on your data that is employed by many banks and financial services organizations, which makes me feel less nervous about transferring sensitive data across to an unknown service provider!

In Carbonite, all your files are encrypted twice before they leave your computer and remain encrypted on their servers, making it virtually impossible for anyone to access your files without your secret password. Users are also given the option to manage their own encryption key. You can support the privacy of your information by picking a really strong password and keeping it safe – your data can only ever be as secure as the methods you use to protect it. This is common sense, and most of us pick strong passwords automatically to reduce the risk of hacking.

Carbonite protects you from accidental deletion of files, theft (only three out of every 100 stolen laptops are recovered) and drive failure. The RAID-6 technology used in the company’s servers is 36,000,000 times more reliable than the hard drive in your computer. Because thirteen percent of hard drives crash in their first year, Carbonite has recognized the very real need for people to feel confident that their data is held safely and can’t be viewed by anyone. This need is the driving force behind their product.

Finding the right online storage solution can mean the difference between recovering from a disaster relatively quickly, and having your business go under due to loss of data. Almost half of the businesses that go through an emergency situation never recover and are forced to close their doors. To avoid this situation, Carbonite makes it easy to keep your data secure, as a managed service provider who can help you get back on your feet as soon as possible.