HostPapa’s Web Hosting Powered Completely by Renewable Energy Sources

HostPapa’s Web Hosting Powered Completely by Renewable Energy SourcesEnvironmental concerns are on many businesses’ minds these days, with many companies boasting about going green and using renewable resources. Online domain hosting companies haven’t been quite as quick to switch to green resources, however, probably because much of what online companies do involves only server equipment and personnel.

HostPapa knows the energy required to power the data centers and is committed to providing web hosting support using 100 percent renewable energy. Not only does HostPapa power its data center using renewable energy, but the company is making its offices green, as well. HostPapa was among the first web hosting companies to make the switch, purchasing green energy certificates to replace each megawatt used in its operations.

HostPapa purchases green energy certificates to use solar and wind power for its operations. This includes all desktops, laptops, printers, servers, and all office space at HostPapa’s headquarters. While HostPapa doesn’t have a wind turbine on site, the company purchases green energy certificates to ensure every kilowatt of electricity used is put back into the electricity grid. Since it began operation, HostPapa has removed more than 200,000 pounds of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases from the environment.

Great Value for Low Prices

In addition to all it is doing for the environment, HostPapa offers web hosting plans as low as $7.95 per month, with current specials offering plans as low as $3.95 per month. Not only will you be helping the environment by purchasing web hosting from HostPapa, you’ll be saving money for your business.

For your monthly fee, you’ll get unlimited disk space and bandwidth, unlimited domain names, and a suite of great tools for managing your domains. You’ll receive a free website builder with your account, allowing you to put together professional-looking websites without having to pay large amounts of money to a web designer.

In addition to your domain names and web designing assistance, you’ll be given free online marketing tools, as well as other services, like blogs, shopping carts for your online sales, forums, and more. You’ll also have access to HostPapa’s outstanding 24/7 customer service, a 30-day guarantee, and the ability to search HostPapa’s extensive knowledgebase, which includes a video library with tutorials.

Great Features – Easy to Use

To help you with online marketing, HostPapa gives you ad credits for Facebook, Google Adwords™, Bing/Yahoo! Paid Search, and Miva and Bidvertiser advertising. You’ll also get free Search Engine Optimization tools that are guaranteed to get your website listed on Google within 24 hours of going live.

HostPapa’s cPanel gives you all the information you’ll need about your website, including account statistics and graphical web stats. You’ll be able to track the success of your marketing campaign by learning more about the people that visit your site every day. This will help you maximize your click-throughs and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

The cPanel also gives you an easy-to-use web-based file manager and a domain manager. You can keep up with multiple domains easily, as well as upload photos and logos for your pages. If you need FTP access to transfer large files, HostPapa offers that, too. Your FTP capabilities won’t be limited to certain times of day, either. HostPapa gives you ability to upload files any time.

Transferring Your Domain

Already have a website? HostPapa can help with that, too. HostPapa offers free domain transfers, as well as domain forwarding. With HostPapa’s great customer service, your site transfer will be seamless.

You’ll be glad you switched. HostPapa gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee, so you know your site will be up every time customers visit. If you’re worried about security, HostPapa has that covered. Your site will be SSL encryption capable, allowing you to lock down your site against intruders. Your directories will also be password protected, preventing someone from hacking into it and taking your site down.

Design Tools

HostPapa will give you a variety of tools you can use to build great websites and blogs, including integration with WordPress for all your blogging needs. If you need to add forms or polls and surveys, HostPapa has both, with a PHP form generator that allows you to develop professional-looking forms without having to know any programming code.

If you need a way to capture visitor’s contact information for e-mail distribution, you’ll love HostPapa’s mailing list features. HostPapa uses phpList, an open source campaign manager that is popular with businesses worldwide. phpList integrates with your website on HostPapa, allowing you to distribute newsletters, coupons, and other communications to those who opt in to receive them. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, phpList can keep up with you, sending your correspondence out from the server at the time you specify. Your computer doesn’t even have to be on.


If you’re looking for a domain host and you have an eye toward the environment, HostPapa offers affordable web hosting powered by 100% renewable energy. You’ll love the extra features, but you’ll really love the cost savings.