Great Reasons to Switch to GoToWebinar

gotowebinar review price

gotowebinar review priceAttending a seminar is so cool, isn’t it? I love attending them because all of the seminars that I have attended until date have provided me with so much value and  have the same basic characteristic-they are all power packed.

That being said, there definitely are some disadvantages of attending these seminars as well. First of all, look at the time taken to travel to reach the seminar venue. If the seminar is being conducted in your neighborhood, then it is well and good. But sadly not every attending member can say that and mostly business seminars are attended by people from far flung States and even from other nations as well.

The second big disadvantage is the cost factor involved in getting to the venue and also for arranging such seminars. It can be said without doubt that seminars are definitely quite heavy on the budget, for both the arrangers and the attendees.

Thankfully you can still arrange your seminars and continue providing the same quality of information and more value to your attendees with a new program called GoToWebinar.

Overview of GoToWebinar

This is an online program that sets up an online seminar (also called webinar), minus all the hassles and heavy duty stuff. This program has revolutionized seminars and more and more online entrepreneurs prefer using the GoToWebinar program to conduct all of their webinars. Well, if I had to put it in few words, I would say that GoToWebinar has simplified the entire process of arranging and holding a seminar. If your business involves arranging for a lot of seminars annually then this online program can be a great alternative to your conventional set-ups. Looking at the convenience that this program provides for both you and your attendees, it can be safely vouched for as a guarantee to increased attendance and full house webinars. Wouldn’t more people attend your webinars if they could save time, expense and energy in travelling to your venue and enjoy the webinars at the comfort of their homes/ offices?

How Does This Program Work?

The first step of the process is scheduling and fixing the date and time of your webinar. As soon as you are done with the scheduling, you can send out invitations to all your attendees via email. A link to a form that allows interested folks to register and confirm attendance is automatically sent out along with the invitations. This form can be customized according to your personal preferences.

Once the registration is complete, this GoToWebinar program automatically schedules 3 different reminders to the registered attendees. The first reminder will be sent 1 week before the webinar, the second will be sent 1 day before and the last one will be sent 1 hour before the event, thus ensuring that none of your registered attendees forget the event or miss it. You will be sent a copy of thes reminders if you choose to receive them. This feature helps you to keep a tab on the reminders sent to your attendees.

Features of GoToWebinar

The features are all awesome and let me list them separately for the arranger and the attendees. If you are arranging the webinar, then you not only get the convenience of holding a live audio / video webinar for your attendees, but also can get rid of any camera consciousness and webinar jitters by practicing a mock-up webinar before the actual event.

You also get a toll-based phone and VoIP audio conferencing facility. Citrix Online Audio also provides some additional integrated toll-free service as well. In case you want to share your desktop view with your attendees, you could do that seamlessly.

Attendees can not only interact with you through the toll-free numbers but also via chat box / audio during the webinars. They can participate in online polls and raise their hands to ask a doubt and so on. Both Mac and PC are fully supported.

Totally Secure Transactions

Since GoToWebinar smoothly hosts approximately 4.5 billion minutes of port connectivity each year, you can only imagine about the high security features. All transactions are handle on SSL encrypted website with end-to-end 128-bit AES encryption to assure highest security.

How Much Will It Cost You?

You can choose from flexible plan options depending upon your anticipated need for online webinars and probable number of attendees estimated to join you. The minimum price is $ 99 / month for 100 attendees and the maximum is $ 499 / month for 1000 attendees. Choosing the annual subscription gives you a huge discount of about 21 %. If these discounts do not make you happy, then here is an outstanding offer- you get to try out this program absolutely free!

What Are Customers Saying About GoToWebinar

All of the customers are super happy with the service, support and ease of set-up of this awesome online webinar software. Everyone seems to praising the simplicity of use of this program , making it easy to handle for the most technically challenged person. The features that customers love are cost efficiency, ease of use and highly intuitive features.


I have not only attended a lot of webinars conducted with the help of this program but also arranged quite a few webinars of my own using this platform. I am a happy customer in both situations. When are you switching over to GoToWebinar?