GoToMyPc Mobile App Review for Android, iPhone, iPad & Kindle Fire HD

gotomypc-app-review-benefitsThe work environment of today is rapidly undergoing colossal changes. Gone are the days when you had to lug yourself to the office to ensure a productive day. In the current work environment, it just makes a lot more sense to work at home than to spend precious hours of your day driving to a far away office.

Can you stay at home and still do productive work? Sure you can. GoToMyPc app brings to you the freedom of remote access by connecting your Mac or PC to your Smartphone. You can now access your work from virtually anywhere.

How does this actually work?

When we talk about connecting to your PC or Mac, what actually happens is that you get to see a real-time image of your computer’s screen. You can work with all your programs just as if you were at your desk. GoToMyPc remote desktop app needs to be installed in the PC or Mac you wish to access remotely.

Now, to connect your desktop, you need to have the go to my PC mobile application installed on your device. GoToMyPc remote PC access app is available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Key Features

Easy to use: The GoToMyPc app gives us great flexibility in file access remotely. Works absolutely seamlessly on both windows and Mac. Your Smartphone is now the gateway to all your data on the desktop, from virtually anywhere. Go To My Pc app is relatively easy to install. Download the app, install and configure without even needing to reboot your system. The standard encryption of 128-bit AES, end-to-end authentication and dual passwords ensure maximum security for your data.

Any device: iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire, whatever your device, you can remotely access your PC without any qualms. Get connected in a matter of seconds and enjoy real-time, optimal performance sessions. Seamlessly work between systems and carry out simple operations like cut, copy and paste with absolute ease.

Quick login: The remote PC access app on your desktop provides a quick login option which bypasses your browser. Files are a lot more manageable now without having to e-mail them to you. Complete remote access even allows you to use your office printer from a remote location for remote printing.

Voicemail and music: Your desktop is now brought to your fingertips. You can access stored music or voice mail from the PC you are remotely accessing. Guest users can be provided with temporary permissions to view your PC. This feature will be of great help for demos and other project presentations.

The remote PC app allows for complete remote access by simultaneously linking all your PC screens to your Smartphone. All your sessions are monitored and regulated to ensure maximum safety.

Your session status details like time, type, origin and duration of connection are maintained for review at a later time. GoToMyPc app ensures enhanced privacy by blanking your screen and locking your remote keyboard.

GoToMyPc for Android

Your Android phone is now the gateway to your desktop for remote access. Use the mail client, photo editor and other functionalities of your PC or Mac from virtually anywhere. Accessing your Desktop without being encumbered by geography is a breeze. GoToMyPc mobile application for Android brings your PC or Mac right to your fingertips.

GoToMyPc for iPad

No more worrying about work and family coming in the way of each other. Your iPad is now the key to complete freedom. Access your Mac or work PC from almost anywhere. Open the app to log-in and choose the desired computer. And with unfailing simplicity, all your files, programs and even your networks are brought to your iPad.

Access and manage any desktop application. The remote access app features a full keyboard with special keys and a precision control interface for using the mouse efficiently. It’s almost like sitting at your work computer.

GoToMyPc for iPhone

GoToMyPc for the iPhone brings absolute connectivity for the business user. Stay connected your work computer wherever you go. Peruse and update spreadsheets and review the design elements of some of your data. Edit presentations and even print them from remote locations, all with the help of your iPhone. Remote desktop access is now on your iPhone.

GoToMyPc review above covers some of the key features of this application. Your time is invaluable and now you can spend it more productively with your work stuffed into your pocket for whenever you may need it. Your Smartphone is now also the tool to enable virtual computing in your work sphere.

Connect your desktop computers to your iOS or Android Smartphone and watch how your desktop is brought out to any remote location. This remote access app is a must have for every business user.


Ensure a healthy unencumbered lifestyle without compromising on productivity. Download the GoToMyPc mobile application today. GoToMyPc is available across platforms with iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

Download GoToMyPC App for iPad / iPhoneAndroid or Kindle Fire HD