Online Meetings Made Smoother with GoToMeeting Software for Business

Citrix Web Conferencing

I used to travel a lot, and most of my travelling was related to work. I often had to visit my clients personally to discuss projects, give them presentations about my products or just to demonstrate how a particular software works. Needless to say, I not only had to set aside a huge budget for my travel expenses each year but also had to chalk out a large chunk of my time as well.  Now when I look back on those days, I feel that I was in some kind of primitive world back then.

Things have improved so much on the work front for me now. I now deal with my clients sitting at my desk, in the comfort of my home. It does not really matter which country my clients are located in or what their current geographical location is, because they are available for communication and interaction with me at a single click of my mouse.

Importance of Communication in Business

Every business thrives on communication. Lack of proper and timely interactions between business associates or team players can result in lot of problems. Miscommunication or lack of timely communication can reflect upon the performance of the company and may finally bring about financial repercussions as well.

This is especially true for a small business or a self owned business where the business owner has to make do with limited resources. When there are very limited numbers of employees or associates or partners who are helping you conduct a small business, you ought to make sure that all of your team players are closely knit together and have facilities to meet, discuss, plan and perform important tasks together.

How Did I Achieve This Ease in Communication?

I was conducting my business the old-fashioned way until I came across a wonderful online conferencing program called GotoMeeting. This program is especially designed to make communication and interaction between people easier and hassle free. This program instills a sense of freedom in the users and encourages them in believing in endless possibilities when it comes to online conferencing and online meetings.

Advantages of Using GotoMeeting

  • You can schedule online meetings, present webinars, discuss business issues, display presentations and do lot more with this program.
  • You can not only arrange for recurrent meetings with your team or clients but also can choose to interact with them on phone or via chat while the meeting is going on. Or you may simply wish to use your PC microphone and speakers if you so wish.
  • Share contents on your desktop with other team members
  • Use Drawing tools for highlighting important parts of your document
  • Share specific applications with other meeting attendees.
  • Multiple monitor support (which will not work with MAC OS)
  • All attendees in your meeting can see or share each other’s work, edit documents and even interchange the presenter, thereby enabling active discussions and energetic interactions.
  • Additionally a toll free audio service from Citrix online audio enables all your meeting attendees to call in toll free from wherever they are based on the globe. Currently this application supports 40 + nations across the globe.
  • You can keep your clients updated about progress of your working projects without having to conduct expensive site visits.
  • Review any sales or other work agreements online.
  • Share both keyboard and mouse control and enjoy effective hands on experience.

How Secure is Their System?

Citrix systems is an online access system provider to 100 % of Fortune 100 and 99 % of Fortune 500 companies, which means that they cater to the very best clients in the world. This fact leaves no doubt about their security systems and capability in handling their transactions in an ultra protected mode. 128-bit AES encryption, SSL- encrypted website, automatic timing out of transactions on prolonged inactivity; highly secure passwords etc are some of the vital features to ensure uncompromised security.

Extra Convenience for Multiple Usage

Since you will be using this online meeting program to enable interactions with other people, having a seamless multiuser system is a necessity. With GoToMeeting software, all you need to do is provide the passwords to the authorized personnel who are supposed to attend the meeting and up to 1000 users can attend the online meetings at a time. This not only saves a whole lot of time but significant amount of money as well, that would be otherwise spent on making arrangements to seat 1000 people in a meeting venue.

How Affordable is the Pricing?

There are various plans for you to choose from. If you are interested only in GoToMeeting then you can use it for 15 attendees for a price of $49 / month or try it for 30 Days & get $10 OFF. Advanced plans are available for 25 attendees as well. If you choose GoToWebinar or GoToTraining, you get GoToMeeting included in both packages. The price for 100 users in GoToWebinar is $ 99/ month while you need to pay $ 149/ month for GoTotraining for 25 users per month. The best part is that you can try out any of these packages for FREE before you decide on the best suited plan for your needs.