GoPro Hero 3 HD Video Camera Review: Share your Downhill Bike Ride in the Pro World

The GoPro Hero series has successfully launched three HD video cameras (GoPro Hero 1, 2 and 3). GoPro Hero1 gave people a chance to shoot HD videos with the new models taking the concept a notch higher. The models that followed brought in new changes with more features and improved performance.

What’s New

The latest model, GoPro Hero3, takes the idea of a HD camera to an altogether different level. It is available in different editions (white, black and silver) with all editions having their own distinct features allowing buyers a variety to choose from.

The cameras are specially designed to allow photographers to capture their special moments. This is perfect for those who wish to carry a high quality camera on the go. These cameras fit in all the goods in a small size.

To make it easier for people to enjoy all the features, the cameras come with Wi-Fi compatibility. These qualities allow people to click picture anywhere and everywhere including when they’re kayaking, skateboarding, surfing, skydiving, motocross, skiing, cycling and during several other sports.

The Story

The idea of this series came to the mind of a surfer in 2002 when he realized how important it was to have a camera that one could carry when going to enjoy surfing or other such sports. The range is also very aptly titled. This allows everyone to go professional and feel like a hero. These cameras have been used by experts to shoot several documentaries and television shows including Discovery’s Deadliest Catch. The reason for this is the fact that GoPro Hero cameras can be used in innovative ways. They also come with several tools, including a waterproof hose, which enables people to shoot in the toughest of conditions. The GoPro Hero1 waterproof hose enables you to shoot underwater (up to 180 feet) without worrying about the camera facing any damage.

Key Features

The first camera, sized 2.4 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches, brought a revolution in the photography world. It offers several recording modes including Full HD – 1080p 30 fps (1920 X 1080 pixel, 127 degrees), Tall HD – 960p 30 fps (1280 X 960 pixel, 170 degrees) and HD – 720p 30 fps (1280 X 720 pixel, 170 degrees). The right mode depends on the intention and card capacity. One thing worth mentioning is that the higher the quality, the larger the size of the file. The camera, priced $129.99, has no display but a tiny black and white LCD with two invisible buttons that perform the job. The camera also has two TV ports (standard and HDMI) allowing people to enjoy their clicks and videos on television in high quality. The second model, GoPro Hero2 comes with almost identical casing with equipment including four adhesive mount clips, a padded helmet mount, an elasticated head mount, three pivot arms, a waterproof and a non-waterproof case door and a battery.

The makers claim that Hero2 doubles everything and it indeed does when it comes to quality. The camera offers better HD video recording with clear audio and an improved LCD. The availability of pivot arms allows several positions for the camera. The price, $299.99, is justified given how great the camera is.

GoPro Hero2 offers the same resolution with a few more options in frame rate. The blurriness and white patches that were often reported in Hero1 (especially underwater) are also rarely seen in this model. Nonetheless, this is not it as the latest presentation from GoPro, Hero3, priced $399.99, offers this and much more. The camera is 25% lighter, 30% smaller and 2x more effective than the previous edition. The world’s most versatile camera can be used to capture ultra-wide videos and 12 Mega Pixel pictures at a rate of 30 PPS (photos per second).

The camera offers MicroSD card (up to 64GB) and fits in a TV output and a mini USB port. However, it uses the same screen introduced by its predecessor. Additionally, the camera comes with swappable batteries. The size also makes the camera compatible with GoPro’s line of BacPac add-on modules and rear doors for the clear plastic shell. Clicking pictures and shooting videos may be difficult initially, but with practice one can easily shoot them anywhere at different angles. There is a small red light present on the front that indicates if the camera is recording.


To sum it up, GoPro has once again surpassed expectations. The latest camera is quick, rightly priced and offers more than the previous releases. Its accessories are also readily available in the market from battery to Wi-Fi remote. Definitely an improvement!

Where to Buy

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