GetResponse Helps You Take Your Marketing Campaigns to E-mail

Direct mailings no longer pack the punch they once did. Consumers have grown jaded by the junk in their mailboxes, disregarding and tossing out mailings before they’re even read.
Enter the age of the Internet. Businesses, looking for new ways to reach customers, are turning to e-mail marketing as a much less expensive way of getting messages out. However, consumers have now begun to ignore e-mail marketing as well, leaving businesses to find new, innovative ways to reach consumers. GetResponse can help your business get the word out in a way that gets your customers’ attention.

Sending Your Customers What They Want

Unlike other e-mail marketing companies, GetResponse doesn’t send e-mails to customers who aren’t interested in receiving your message. Instead, GetResponse specializes in creating newsletters that are then sent to customers who want to read them. In doing this, your business avoids gaining the reputation of spamming inboxes with mass numbers of unwanted messages.

The first step in giving customers what they want is to create a newsletter full of content that is both valuable and informative. GetResponse provides businesses with several eye-pleasing templates from which to choose. You pick the template then enter the text your customers want to read. This may be tips and tricks for doing the things your business does best or general interest articles in your particular field. The more the content informs your customers, the more your customers will want to read it. GetResponse even has seasonal templates, allowing you to decorate your newsletter for Halloween, Christmas, and more.

Getting Your Customers to Sign Up

Once you’ve designed your newsletter, how do you get anyone to read it? Using GetResponse’s form builder, you can add a sign up form directly to your company’s website. You can also add the form to your company’s Facebook page or blog, choosing colors and designs that fit your business’s personal style. You don’t need to have a programmer on staff or know how to write code. Just pick from one of GetResponse’s templates and start signing up subscribers.

In addition to the form builder, GetResponse provides reporting on the results of your form. Not only will GetResponse tell you how many times your form was viewed, you’ll be able to compare your form’s success across multiple sites, adjusting your form to make it more effective.

Build Your Subscriber List

Once your websites are collecting subscribers, you’ll want to bring your existing customer bases into your distribution list. GetResponse’s software allows you to import your contacts from your own mailing lists, e-mail address books, and social networking sites like LinkedIn, Google Docs, and
But don’t worry, your contacts won’t be added against their wishes. You’ll be able to use GetResponse to send an Opt-In e-mail message, giving them the opportunity to choose whether to receive your newsletter or not.

Follow Up with Your Customers

While sending a newsletter is effective, it won’t help your business if you don’t personally follow up with your customers. GetResponse will help you respond to e-mails even when the response is overwhelming, putting your e-mail inbox on autopilot. You can create tutorials, announce new specials, and answer frequently asked questions, all while you sleep.

See What Your Customers Are Seeing

GetResponse can show you a preview of your message in a variety of Cloud-based e-mail services. Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Gmail, and many others are previewed in GetResponse’s Inbox Preview module. Create your e-mail and try it out in every e-mail program your customers could have.

By previewing your newsletter template in different e-mail services, your business can make sure your design doesn’t malfunction when viewed by a portion of your customers. Will that response button send your customers where you intend them to go? Does that form submit the way you want it to? By testing your newsletter out, you can avoid disasters that might send a fraction of your customers scrambling for the “unsubscribe” button.

Feedback on Your Campaign

What good is all this work if you aren’t aware of its effectiveness. GetResponse’s e-mail analytics will provide metrics on click-through rates and unsubscribe numbers, helping you stay on top of whether or not your newsletters are working.

Knowing what time of day and week to send your e-mails can be mind-boggling, but GetResponse makes it easy. You’ll be able to tell what time of day your newsletter received the most activity, allowing you to narrow it down to which customers are clicking when. This will enable you to group those subscribers by “time of day preference” for your next mailing, maximizing your message’s effectiveness.


At a price of only $12.75 per month for 1,000 subscribers and $55.25 monthly for up to 10,000 subscribers, GetResponse is on par with its competitors. But GetResponse offers 1GB of image storage, more than most direct e-mail marketing software services on the market. With a wide variety of other features, GetResponse will be the best return on investment your business has this year.