Garmin Connect Review: Track, Explore & Share your Activities

If you ever started a new workout regimen, you will surely know how hard it is to keep it going after the first day. There’s a lot of planning required before each workout and it still doesn’t end there. There’s still the little matter of having to actually do something about it. Bored yet?

The whole process sort of makes you wonder, is it worth all the trouble? It is. Time to push laziness and lethargy aside. Time for proper action. And there’s the small matter of doing it alone, well you are not really alone.

Garmin devices give you excellent support all the while tracking your progress. Your data doesn’t simply sit there, Garmin Connect software analyzes your data for you, and making strategies that can help you set up future goals. Interested?

Garmin connect has a horde of services available for you. Upload all your workout data and explore millions of related activities happening worldwide. There’s a little something for everybody at Garmin Connect.

Easily Understandable Analysis

All your stored workout data on Garmin connect is comprehensively analyzed. Your evaluated data is presented to you for easy viewing. With Garmin Connect you will have access to tools that can optimize your entire training regimen.

Get Reports

Reports can be used to effectively monitor your progress and future fitness goals. You can have a detailed analysis of all your activities in their appropriate grouping. These reports essentially keep track of all your events every day of every month, every year without fail. Long term analysis is now, not too complicated.

Set Goals

Garmin Connect assists you in setting realistic fitness goals for yourself to pursue in the future. These goals will be updated on your associated devices. Any activity that you partake in from then on will be recorded by your device and thus by extension, Garmin Connect.

You can track your goals, verify their historical progress and gauge their progress against other active goals on the Goals page.

This great software application also offers you a multitude of devices that you can use as companions for your workout schedules. These devices stay on your person and provide you with minor real-time assistance, all the while recording your progress online.

Each device caters to a specific sport or activity. These devices can track your progress with each individual activity and give you directions and map data.

Garmin GPS Tracking Devices

Running/Multisport: The Forerunner 910XT is a sophisticated device that provides the user with systematic metrics and distances covered with tracks, elevation, pace and heart rate graphics for a drawn out running activity. In a race, a split second makes all the difference between a winner and the loser. The Forerunner 910XT is also an accurate watch with greatly advanced features such as a vibration alert that gives you a slight nudge once you complete a split or when it’s time to stop for nutrition.

Cycling: Garmin’s new Edge 810 is a savvy GPS bicycle computer that comes with a host of cool features. The 810 comes with a tracking functionality and a social sharing option. Contrary to obsolete rout-mapping techniques like looking for physical markers, the 810 throws up maps which can be updated real-time based on your location. Ideal companion if you happen to lose your way along the ride. It is also a necessary companion for off-route exploration adventures along unfamiliar landscapes. All this with a 17 hour battery life.

Swimming: The Garmin Swim is a dedicated watch for swim tracking that employs an accelerometer technology to track swimming data in the pool environment. Once you are well and ready you can begin by pressing the Blue button on the device. This will start the process of tracking your swim activity. The Garmin Swim keeps track of your strokes along with the lengths and time. An internal accelerometer allows it to monitor your strokes along with the lengths and laps. It works typically; in a pool setting hence it doesn’t employ a GPS. You can create intervals according to your convenience and pool length and simply swim away.

Garmin-FenixOutdoor: Garmin’s pleasurable foray into outdoor adventure sports, The Garmin Fenix is a wristband GPS which professed a battery life of almost 50 hours. This device instantly appealed to hikers, runners and mountaineers among others. The watch comes equipped with a Barometer, Altimeter and Compass to boot. The device allows the user to effectively keep track of his activity with built-in tools like the virtual pacer that gauges your average pace among other things. A great companion for your average outdoor adventure.

These devices are generally priced in the $150-$175 price range. This raises questions as to how viable is this device as a purchase since most of these features can be used on any Smartphone in the market. However, what needs to be considered here is the fact that a Smartphone cannot give you specialized tracking facility for each of your activities. Moreover, a Smartphone’s battery would be zapped in a matter of hours if it is used for these functions.


Garmin devices are capable of running anywhere between 18-30 hours on a single charge. The devices are targeted at athletes who like to keep track of their performances and hence the price may be suitably justified. However, they are excellent companions for when you start your workout regime.