GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer 3.0 App Review: Download Now and Start Exercising

Fitness is the most important part of leading a happy lifestyle. A busy schedule makes it hard to take out time for a trainer. Exactly for this reason, we have brought our personal trainers to your mobile devices in the form of a good iPhone app.

Top-notch training professionals from across the planet have come together in the creation of these interactive and highly customizable packs which will accompany you on your journey to complete fitness. GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer has to be the one of the best apps for iPhone.

Gain Strength

gain strength

Physical training primarily relies on weathered strength training techniques which deliver great metabolic and functional benefits. If you are a novice to strength training, then this may be the best to learn.

  • Training foundation- BASE pack (exercises – 277)
  • Advanced Chest ( -14)
  • Advanced Shoulder ( -16)
  • Advanced Back ( -12)
  • Advanced Traps ( -9).
  • Advanced ABS (  -15)
  • Advanced core ( -15)
  • Extreme ABS ( -16)
  • Advanced Biceps ( -12)
  • Advanced Triceps ( -10)
  • Advanced Forearms ( -8)
  • Extreme Biceps ( -13)
  • Extreme Triceps ( -12)
  • Advanced Legs ( -20)
  • Hips, Thighs and Butt ( -17)
  • Advanced Butt ( -18)
  • Advanced Calves ( -13)
  • Exercise Bands ( -30)
  • Kettlebells ( -20)

Basketball Pro

gain fitness download

Get workouts customized for peak fitness and performance required for pro Basketball. Prevent injuries by training smarter and better than ever with this app. To know more download free iPhone apps from GAIN FITNESS.

  • Basketball Pro- BASE Pack (exercises – 38)
  • Off-season training- Phase I ( -0)
  • Off-season training-Phase II ( -0)
  • Pre-Season Peak training ( -0)

Butterfly Yoga

gain fitness app iphone

Yoga is most helpful in activating your body’s full potential. Prepare yourself for the Yoga practice by cultivating the correct practices through detailed voice instruction from a very good iPhone app.

  • Butterfly Yoga-BASE PACK (exercises – 86)
  • Lengthen ( -15)
  • Strengthen ( -19)
  • Rejuvenate ( -15)
  • Balance ( -17)

Method Yoga- Circus Strength

circus strength gain fitness app

Strength is essential for effectively manipulating your body to suit your needs. Circus Strength introduces some practices that dynamically develop physical fitness. Surely the best apps for iPhone in the market can’t say that they can add such value to you.

  • Circus Strength-BASE PACK (exercises – 20)
  • Level II
  • Level III
  • Level IV

Method Yoga-Interval Training

interval training gain fitness app

Inspired from football training, interval training is hands-down the most effective form of training yet. Using a simple medicine ball you can build speed, agility and stamina in your body. Burn off unwanted body fat while accentuating your athleticism.

  • Interval Training-BASE PACK (exercises – 14)
  • Level II
  • Level III
  • Level IV

Method Yoga- Pilates Core

pilates core gain fitness app

Core strength is an essential part of our well being. Strengthened spine means a strengthened mind. And this pack promises to develop exactly that for you with a good iPhone app no less.

  • Pilates Core-BASE PACK (exercises – 15)
  • Level II
  • Level III
  • Level IV

Road Warrior

Business travelers are usually forced to compromise on their fitness due their complicated work schedules. But with this pack you can bring a portable workout routine to every corner of the Globe along with you. These workouts essentially require no equipment but challenge almost all major muscle groups. Be the ultimate ROAD WARRIOR and build a sculpted body envied by all. You can download free iPhone apps to achieve peak fitness on the move.

  • ROAD WARRIOR-BASE PACK (exercises – 44)
  • Muscle Booster ( -10)
  • Metabolic Booster ( -9)

Shockwave Protocol

Possibly the most scientifically advanced workout program there is. Over two decades of extensive research and constant consultation with top-notch exercise scientists has resulted in this program. Maximize your muscle growth with every single rep and get fantastic results every time.

  • SHOCKWAVE PROTOCOL- BASE PACK (exercises – 87)
  • Glute force ( -10)
  • Physique enhancer 1 ( -15)
  • Physique Enhancer 2 ( -12)
  • The Bench Challenge ( -13)

Get plans and workout routines suited to your current fitness levels and schedule constraints right out of your mobile device. The coolest part of the app has to be the audio cues that push you harder with words of encouragement.


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The GAIN FITNESS Cross trainer, is not just any other app that tells you to do random . These self – acclaimed ‘best apps for iPhone’, training apps only go so far as to give you depictions of random workouts. GAIN FITNESS Cross trainer on the other hand, gives you a complete workout schedule with encouraging audio cues to aid your training.

It suits a user who needs to be on the move constantly. The workouts themselves have been mixed and matched to obtain the maximum from each individual exercise. Personal training is now more mobile and completely mindful of your busy schedule. Don’t be a slave to your gym. Gain uncompromising fitness while accommodating a busy lifestyle.

Join the GAIN FITNESS personal training revolution, Today!