Best First Aid Apps for Pet Owners

first aid appsPets are unique and they bring happiness into our lives. They can change our mood, reduce anxiety, improve our mental health and they can also help us exercise!

Owning a pet is awesome but it is also a big responsibility! We must be aware of its health and get the proper education to protect our companion from many dangerous situations.

Knowing how to handle emergency situations through a smartphone pet application might save your pet’s life!

We searched the web and found four best first aid apps for pet owners. If you’re in an emergency and you can’t find any expert on the phone, just open an app and search for solutions.

1. American Red Cross Emergency Pet App


App Store or Google Play

This application is created for dogs and cats. It provides useful information and tutorials for daily emergencies through text, images and videos, health advice, contact numbers and nearest emergency hospital locations.

2. PetMD Symptom Checker


App Store or Google Play

Search through the app’s database and read about symptoms your cat or dog might have from more than 2000 articles. Inside each article you will find symptom causes, why the symptoms appear, what is the best treatment and many other solutions.

3. PetFirstAid



App Store or Google Play

Search in hundreds of articles, pictures and useful videos from experts to treat or rescue your pet! Learn the fundamentals and what you should be aware of. Identify any issue and respond accordingly!

Tips & Tricks

When it comes to a pet’s safety, you must learn basic treatments, search the web or smartphone apps for symptoms – treatments and contact an expert.

Feed your dog or cat with the proper food and make sure it suits their nutritional needs. Do not always buy “cheap” food. Learn what’s best and pay something extra.

Take your dog outside for a walk. Do not leave him in the house for too long. It will also help you lose weight and refresh your mind from your daily routine!

Visit a doctor regularly to make sure your pet is healthy.

We’re living an amazing life! Pets make it brighter and they add unforgettable memories in our journey.