Final Cut Express 4 for Dummies Review

Final Cut Express 4 Review for MAC

Final Cut Express 4 is one of the most popular video editing software from Apple that allows you to shoot in a big variety of high definition formats. It will do almost everything that the full version, Final Cut Studio, will do but at almost $800 cheaper. Final Cut Studio works with a larger number of professional grade formats but if you shoot in one of the three formats mentioned above, Final Cut Express 4 is certainly an option you should consider. It should be noted that shooting in highest definition format requires a Mac Pro with the latest updated CPU. I’d like to take a closer look at the Final Cut Express 4 to show you what it’s capable of.

What can Final Cut Express 4 Actually Do?

Final Cut Express 4 allows you to modify all three video formats and frame rates using the same unique implements available in Final Cut Pro. A full range of color correction and image adjustment tools let you achieve the precise look you want. You can also:

  • Easily Capture DV and HDV
  • Work with AVCHD
  • Import projects from iMovie ’09
  • Use Drag and drop editing
  • Open format Timeline
  • Trim
  • Provide Real-Time playback of multistream effects
  • Use multiple layers, FXPLUG Plug-ins and keyframes
  • Mix audio on multiple tracks
  • Adjust with audio filters
  • Add a voiceover
  • Customize effects and use live fonts.

The Final Cut Express 4 even allows you to edit videos on the go or in the studio. On the road you can use this application with a MacBook or MacBook Pro and in the studio you can use an iMac or MacBook pro with a fast Intel Processor.

AppleCare Support

Mac Users in the United States and Canada get 90 day complimentary software telephone support when a new version of Final Cut Express 4 is registered. Also, Apple offers a host of support options, including AppleCare Professional Video Support. This option gives direct access to Apple’s Professional Application Support Team.

I hope this brief review gives you an idea of what a powerful video editing application Apple’s Final Cut Express 4 actually is. At almost $800 cheaper than Final Cut Studio it might be a better option if you only use certain aspects of video editing. I’d like to hear from you. Have you used Final Cut Express 4 and what was your impression of it? How does it stack up to any other video editing tools you have used in the past?