Forget The Bulky Wallet! Evernote Enables You Carry Business Cards in Your Phone

evernoteWhenever I met with people who had the potential to bring business my way, I would go for my wallet to get out some business cards and pass them around. My bulky wallet bulged with cards until it drove my right leg numb if I sat down for too long. But not anymore now, not since Jack told me about Evernote, a new application for android that helps users carry (literary) all the business cards in their smart phone.

Business Card by Evernote is only for premium users

To enjoy the business card scanning feature of Evernote Premium, you have to upgrade to the premium version. This is easy, even for newbie users. You just need to go to the app, there is a new button at the far lower right corner, tap the button and then select the camera and you will see the business card option. Swipe your cards and you will be prompted to make an upgrade to premium to scan Business Cards and digitize the information in them.

With the Upgrade to premium prompt, the link will take you to LinkedIn. If you have an account with LinkedIn, you will have to enter your details to connect your account and start scanning your Business Cards as use the app free of charge for a full year. This is indeed a very smart move since LinkedIn is a professionals’ networking platform.

How does Evernote Business Cards work?

Just as its name suggests, this android app will digitize your business cards information. It is very easy to use. Just take the picture of the business card and leave the app to do the rest. It will convert that into digital notes.evernote business card scan

If you used to contact your clients through your phone email, Evernote makes this much faster and easier for you. For example, beside every email address, there is an envelope icon and if you tap that, it will take you to your email app promptly and then from there, you can send emails.

Beside the phone numbers in the digitized business cards, there are the “call” and “text” icons. That means that you can do many things from the same interface, that ism send emails, make calls and text. For the people that you interact frequently with, you can have Evernote store the additional information so that you can find such people faster, even in your phonebook.

You can add profile photos against the contact details in Evernote and you can also connect with your contacts on LinkedIn. Evernote also lets you see who is looking at your account so that you can connect with them immediately, and send them your business cards. This app is like a team room because you can chat with people, share notes and even restrict who sees or can edit a note.


You can connect with LinkedIn and enjoy Evernote a full year free of charge. You can pay monthly at $5 or annually at $45, whatever suits your budget.