Entrust Review: Keep Your Online Transactions Secure!


entrust-ssl-logoIf your business has a website that accepts online payments, keeping your customers’ data safe is likely one of your top concerns. After all, it’s a high priority for your customers. Entrust Digital Certificates will protect your data while giving your customers confidence in the services you provide. If you’re looking for a security solution for your website, Entrust is an industry leader at prices you can afford.

SSL Encryption and Authentication

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) authentication uses encryption to keep data hidden from intruders while checking credentials of visitors. In essence, SSL provides a tunnel in which two parties can communicate—your business being one party while your customer is the other. By encrypting the information so that only those two parties can decipher it, SSL is able to stop outside parties from gaining access to your information.

Entrust has a variety of certificates, with standard SSL, advanced SSL, and extended validation certificates allowing your business to choose the fit that’s best for you. Entrust uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to verify the identity of parties, along with assigning a unique serial number and user identity to each certificate.

Manage Your SSL Certificates

Entrust provides authentication for all of your websites, making sure your customer’s online transactions are protected. Own more than one domain? Entrust can help you with that, too, allowing you to secure several domains with just one extended validation (EV) certificate. Using Entrust’s online certificate management service, you can easily keep track of all of your Entrust certificates in one place.

Entrust uses 128 bit to 256 bit encryption, giving your business the best protection against intrusion. With Entrust’s automatic notification service, you’ll be alerted of any upcoming certificate expirations, helping you stay abreast of any upcoming renewals to prevent an interruption in service.

Entrust’s SSL certificate services are available starting at less than $150 per month. More advanced plans are available, providing an increasing number of services for larger businesses and businesses with more domains. You will be provided a site seal to post proudly on all of your protected domains, letting your customers know their information is safe within your domain.

Electronic Signatures

Eliminate the need for fax machines and postal mail by using Entrust’s signing certificates. Entrust can verify the digital signatures on PDFs, setting up individuals and groups within your organization to sign things electronically. You can purchase these certificates online or through Entrust’s Certificate Management Service (CMS), which allows you to purchase all the certificates you need through one convenient location. Plans start at just $368 per year.

If Office documents are more your business’s concern, Entrust has User Certificates that allow individuals within your organization to digitally sign Office files and e-mail them. Entrust issues S/MIME certificates to digitally sign and e-mail Office documents from your network to another network safely and securely. Plans are available starting at $20 per year, with plans that include automatic backup and restore with your full key history for only $45 per year. The $45 plan also includes unlimited certificate reissues and Class II identity assurance.

All of Entrust’s plans come with free customer support and warranties, with both phone and online support available. You’ll get Entrust’s quick issuance, with all individual certificates issued within one to two days of purchase. For even better savings, purchase a multi-year plan with Entrust, giving you discounts up to 30 percent.

About Entrust

In business since 1994, Entrust provides services to more than 4,000 businesses worldwide. Entrust helps business owners secure online transactions, as well as issuing e-mail certificates to keep your communicates away from prying eyes. With prices that are competitive with other similar services on the market, Entrust has quickly become an industry leader in SSL certificate issuance.

Entrust’s digital signature services are allowing businesses to save money and time by doing business through e-mail. By making certificates easy to purchase and manage online, Entrust is becoming a leader in the field.

Entrust uses third-party validation, with independent labs reviewing certificates to ensure maximum security. Some of these tests take one to two years to complete, especially Common Criteria, an evaluation and validation scheme that assesses your product’s ability to meet a strict set of security standards. Validation also includes FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) certification. This not only gives you the comfort of knowing your data is secure, it allows your customers to see your dedication to keeping information safe.


Entrust has won numerous awards, including SC Magazine’s Best Buy designation for two years in a row. Entrust ranks among its clients some of the most respected businesses in the world, including NASA, the U.K. Ministry of Defense, CitiBank, and Expedia. Always seeking to find new technologies to protect its customers, Entrust has more than 125 patents currently pending.