Enhance your Mac’s Performance with MacPaw Software Products

MacPaw Specializes in Products for Your MacMac lovers are a passionate bunch. While much of the world seems to revolve around Windows, Mac lovers are steadfast in their dedications to all things Mac. But there still seem to be far more software solutions for PCs than for Macs.

Mac Paw saw that deficiency in the market and sought to fill it. With products specifically designed for the Mac OS, Mac Paw can help you clean your Mac, hide your sensitive data, reduce duplicate files, and personalize your iPhone. Oh…and they also have a product to help PC devotees clean up their desktops, as well.


With just a few clicks, CleanMyMac is hard at work on your Mac OS, emptying your caches, deleting trash files, and removing unused language files. The application will clean up your service junk files, delete your iPhoto trash, and remove debugging files left behind from your various application installations.

Not only will CleanMyMac clean up your Mac, it will keep it clean. Missing startup and login items that are slowing down your bootup. System plugins will be managed on an ongoing basis, improving the productivity of your system.

It won’t all run in the background, however. With its unique interface, you’ll be able to do a manual system scan and learn within minutes where the problem areas on your Mac are. Using this interface, you’ll be able to choose files to be protected from cleanup, making sure you are always in control of your operating system.


While your Mac may be password-protected, is it enough? MacHider gives you an additional layer of protection by allowing you to password protect your folders, keeping the files within secure. The app will also help you organize your files, allowing you to create customizable icons for each of your private folders. You can even protect your flash drive files.


In addition to cleaning up your Mac, Mac Paw offers another piece of software to help you speed up your performance: Gemini. You’ll be able to scan your entire system for duplicate files, targeting duplicate files for deletion. You’ll have the final say, though, looking over the list and giving your approval before files are deleted.

Using advanced search algorithms, Gemini scans your entire system, finding files and folders that are duplicates. The software ensures one copy of each file will remain on your system after deletion.


For those who own iPhones, Ensoul allows you to give your iPhone a “look” that you choose. Customize your wallpaper by using images already stored on your phone, giving your phone the look you want.

But Ensoul is more than wallpaper. You’ll be able to set up your contacts list so that when someone calls, a full-screen photo of that person appears. While you can have photos appear when someone calls now, this app makes them fill your entire screen. It also lets you edit and crop the photo to look its absolute best.

You’ll have special effects that you can add to any photo. Add cool effects like X-Ray, newspaper, and blur, with adjustability so that you can really make it your own. You can even combine two of the fifteen available effects for extra pizzazz.

Additionally, you’ll have the ability to edit your photos at any time with Ensoul’s advanced editing features. This allows you to create eye-popping photos out of your existing pictures.


Mac Paw is looking out for the Mac user, focusing on software that addresses Mac users specialized needs. While Mac Paw also provides CleanMyPC for Windows users, its primary focus is always on Mac customers.