Enhance Your iPhone’s Security With Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility

Cisco AnyConnect Mobile Security Review

Corporate workers need instant network access to their data without dealing with firewalls or security concerns. Until now, that has been a challenge.

The ability to conduct business on-the-go while protecting the data has been an issue for many corporate employees. Finally, a solution is being offered. Cisco Systems’ AnyConnect App is now available as a free download from the Apple store.

About Cisco

Cisco is a major technology company that is focused on transforming how we connect and collaborate. They are focused on meeting the needs of their customers in all business sectors.

The company strives to enhance lives through technology; making a positive contribution to the world and maintaining customer success and satisfaction.

Secure Mobile Client

Cisco, in their ongoing efforts to support and enhance communications, has released AnyConnect Mobile. AnyConnect is a free application that allows mobile iPhone, iPod touch, and Windows Mobile users fast, direct access to their critical information. With AnyConnnect, data stored within a company’s network, behind firewalls, may be accessed easily without violating or risking security.

iPhones Push the Plan

While many organizations initially resisted allowing their employees to use their iPhones for business, the prevalence of iPhone use among personnel in Fortune 100 companies and higher education facilities pushed them to reconsider the need. Apple improved iPhone security and connection speeds, but Cisco pushed the envelope even further.

IT Tools

The added security offered by Cisco is through giving IT administrators specialized tools for providing access privileges to certain users or groups through the app.

The app makes sure that connections and data going to or being sent from a mobile device is connected to security elements in the network. It also uses high-level encryption to secure the communication channels.

IT administrators must use one of Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance programs from the 5500 family [8.0(3).1 or later] to support the connections. This will require licenses for AnyConnect and other mobile connections. Licenses can be acquired from Cisco for testing.


The Cisco AnyConnect client supplies users with secure VPN connections to the Cisco Adaptive Security 5500 Series with SSL and DTLS protocols. The app is compatible with Apple iOS Connect on Demand VPN when required by an application.

Administrators control split and full tunneling network access. Users have access to internal IPv4 and IPv6 network resources. Several authentication options are supported, including RADIUS, RSA securID, Active Directory, Digital Certificates, LDAO, and multifactor authentication. Network roaming provides seamless connectivity after IP address change or loss of connection.


Cisco’s added layer of security with increased IT control will certainly make it appealing to businesses wanting to provide a safe way for employees to access business data on their mobile devices. For further information, questions, or comments, the company welcomes feedback via Twitter with the #anyconnect hashtag.

Download Cisco AnyConnect Mobile Security App from the Apple Store Click Here