Protect Your Ideas with Egnyte – The Smart Choice for Your Business

egnyte-cloud-storageBeing in the corporate world, you must have heard of numerous cases of data theft, cyber crimes, system crashes and other related mishaps. Imagine your organization being a victim of any such incident.

How badly would it affect your company’s bottom line and its reputation in the market if the internal server crashed for a day? That is a possibility and you know it. Well, we don’t want to scare you by any means. It is just that we want you to be more practical and be prepared in advance for any unfortunate and unknown happenings.

Data security is not very costly these days. Moreover, the fact that it will keep your life long research and confidential data secure is worth a little money and effort on your part.

If I talk about myself, I cannot afford to have my system crash for even a single day. Plus I need to have my complete office data accessible from my mobile, my home computer and even on vacations in my hotel room. In my search for a reliable and affordable file sharing solution, I came across some really excellent reviews and rankings of Egnyte.

Not relying on them completely, I went for its Live Demo and ended up hiring their services. Here is a brief review about the company’s services to make your search of a Cloud File Server more easy and productive.

Why Egnyte?

Ranked amongst the top cloud computing and enterprise file sharing service providers, Egnyte is a pioneer in the field of Hybrid Cloud and data backup industry.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Egnyte is founded and managed by IT veterans and computer masterminds who led the company to the top in a very short span of time. Whether it is a small scale private company with a bunch of employees or a large multinational organization, Egnyte has IT solutions for all.

What Does Egnyte Have In Store For You?

Visit and you will come across the unending list of features and services provided by them. Here we have summarized some of the highly popular IT solutions and benefits of Egnyte’s cloud file server.

Egnyte follows a simple mechanism for data sharing. It transports your data to its cloud servers from where it can be accessed by all authorized entities. Employees in any part of the world can easily send/receive data depending upon the package and storage capacity. It also allows data synchronization on Smartphone and other mobile devices.

If we talk about Cloud Synchronization applications offered by Egnyte, these are mostly based on the mechanisms that are similar to others in the industry. In other words it syncs all the devices with the local server created in the Egnyte cloud. What sets it apart from others in the same industry is its HybridCloud service.

Hybrid Cloud Service

The main feature that puts it in the lead is the diverse methods of data accessibility inbuilt in the HybridCloud service. In addition to the traditional synchronization, Egnyte also offers smart file server service.

This allows the company to set different levels of security and authority among the employees. Only a couple of people would be allowed to view, modify and share highly confidential files. HybridCloud requires the companies to divide their staff in two groups: power users and the standard users.

The former would have complete access to all the files accessible via browser, FTP client, local server and mobile devices, whereas the latter would have access to mobile and web browser facilities only.


Egnyte has the best reputation in the market in terms of data security. The data is encrypted by 256-AES SSL protocol, the same that is used in armed forces for data transmission.

Have Your Pick…

The advanced and high tech services are not for big shots only. Egnyte offers different deals as per the size and preferences of organizations. Here is a brief summary of the packages offered by Egnyte.

Package Number of Employees   Storage Capacity     Approx. Cost / Month
Office Solution


1 TB

        $ 8/employee
Business Solution


2 TB

Enterprise Solution


3 TB+

Custom Plans

Customer Testimonials

Egnyte has a diverse customer portfolio with clients from all over the world. The testimonials and reviews that it gets from some of the world’s renowned companies are really impressive and worth reading.

One client appraised the smooth functioning of its HybridCloud, another said they implemented the enterprise system in their organization 2 years bank and do not have any complaints about their services till now.

The most cost effective solution, easy to use interface, great value for money, and excellent customer support are some of the many qualities that Egnyte has been attributed with.

Wrap Up…

At the end of the day, it is your business, your money and your ideas. You are only person who knows how hard you have worked to be where you are. Protect what you can. Try the live demo of Egnyte and make the smart choice for your business.