Do Not Click on Ads!

Everyone has fallen into this trap at least once. I certainly did. I lost important files when I accidentally clicked on an ad on my pc. During long periods of web-surfing, we can become overwhelmed and dizzy with information. Sometimes, at the end of a long session online, a pop up may appear and seem interesting or harmless. Without thinking, you’ll click the link (like I did), out of curiosity and end up in trouble.

Stay on Course

How can we be safe from scams? I believe that if we stick with what we really need to accomplish online and not get distracted and wander off course, we’ll be more secure. Surfing the Internet is like walking on a road. You can walk on a road that you know is safe or you can walk on a road that is unfamiliar and may pose risks. If you choose that second road, you have to walk very carefully to make sure you do not stray too far and end up with problems.

Stranger – Danger

A friend of mine was walking on a road, going home from work. A man stopped him and told him that he had something good for him. He pulled out a nice box from a fancy bag that looked like a high priced original with a famous product inside. The guy told my friend he could have it for only 50 bucks, and in the stores it would cost more than $300! Unfortunately my friend gave him the money, purchased the item and went home to open it. The device was supposed to be a brand new camera, but it was a fake radio transmitter that only looked like a camera.

Don’t Fall for the Tricks

Never click on the “YOU WIN – CLICK NOW” ad! Nobody wins something for nothing. Why would you suddenly win something from a web site that you have never visited before? People think that everything is honest on the web – but it isn’t. The web is like living outside of your real life. Outside of the web you usually can’t do the same things you are doing on the web. Could you walk down a road and knock on everybody’s door just to see what or who is inside? I don’t think that you would make many friends this way! The other day, my landline phone became entangled with a neighbor’s. She refused to give me any information when I asked her telephone number to tell the phone company about it, yet she has me as a friend on Facebook!

Save Yourself!

Don’t trust websites that you have wandered onto while seeking information. Look for trusted sites; use internet security software and antivirus when you surf the web. Search, find information and learn about viruses, trojans, spam, and keep up with notices of new viruses. Protect yourself with online storage services that back up your files and always have another physical backup available (external hard drive or disks). These small, easy actions will save your data and your computer from a disaster. Surf smarter and be careful where you click!