Cymera App Review – Key Features: A Great Camera for Portraits & Editing

cymera-app-review-featuresDo you want a mobile camera to produce professional photos at a low cost? Well, here is something exactly for you. This application will allow you to take superb high-quality pictures. The results will be simply brilliant and similar to that of a great compact camera, if you own a latest smartphone generation.

With Cymera App installed in your phone, you can now move around and take pictures like a professional photographer. It is among the best smartphone mobile apps I’ve recently used that has amazing features, it’s user-friendly and you will learn using it in matter of minutes. The best thing about Cymera App is that it is free to download (Google Play or Apple Store). Read on to get to know some of the awesome features of this application.

Quick Zoom


The app allows users to quickly zoom in and zoom out the area of focus to take a picture. The zooming option is easy to access and users can zoom in or out in a jiffy without missing out on the scene they were intending to capture.

Versatile Lenses


It is not the camera but the lens that is responsible for high quality pictures. Cymera has 7 distinct lenses just like a pro compact camera. This allows users to adjust the focal length as well as the angle of view and capture high-quality professional photos with their own cell phone.

Multiple Shooting Modes


The app has multiple modes of shooting. The different modes allow amateur photographers to take outstanding photographs. The timer mode lets the photographer be a pat of the picture too. Another mode is the anti-shake mode. This mode is for image stabilization and does not blur the picture if your hand shakes while capturing the photograph.

Beauty Effects with Face Recognition


Photo editing features like beauty effects allow users to enhance their photos. Face recognition allows the application to automatically modify the picture. You can choose from many beauty effects like making your eyes seem bigger, making your face look slimmer and having a wider smile on your face! The app also has hair and makeup features to give your photograph a complete makeover.

Brighten Your Pictures


Did your point and shoot turn out to be dark? No problem. This application allows you to add brightness to your photos in a matter of seconds. You can enhance the light in your pictures and modify them to look more appealing than before.

Convenient Rotation


You can rotate your pictures easily. Cymera offers convenient options to rotate your pictures clock-wise and anti-clockwise. This user-friendly app makes it very easy to access and use these features on your cell phone.

Crops to Perfection


Cymera allows users to crop their pictures without much hassle. Other than that, the app also has default options for cropping to give the pictures a professional appearance, such as square and rectangular cropping. The cropping feature adjusts the sides of the photograph to give a trim look to the picture.

Beautiful Filters


The app has over 20 handpicked filters that are simply amazing and can enhance your pictures considerably. These filters add sensitivity to your pictures and include light effects such as black-and-white or sepia vision. Other filters include landscape, food, portrait and text. They adjust the lighting according to the setting and produce a high quality focused image.

Masks with Face Recognition


Cymera has a wide variety of masks. The masks are placed on your picture accurately using the automatic face recognition feature. The wide range includes funny and cute masks that will be fun to play with. You can create cute and funny pictures of you and your friends.

Fun Stickers


Cymera also has cute and funny stickers that are very easy to move and position on your picture. The stickers can add humor to your pictures and make them more funny and witty. Let your creative juices flow and edit your pictures with these cute stickers.

Upload and Share Photos


This app also allows you to upload your pictures on social networking services (SNS) like Cyworld, Twitter and Facebook. You can edit your pictures and share them by using Cymera.

Create unique – funny moments with your friends and remember to make backups of your photos on a regular basis to keep them safe from any possible disaster.

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Cymera App is a complete solution for all your photographic needs. You can now capture life’s precious moments in your smart phone using this amazing application and get high quality results. Cymera also includes some splendid features to enhance and modify your photos.

You can create amazing portraits and edit your photos to make them look more appealing. You can also make them more creative and funny by simply using the various masks and stickers. So, what are you waiting for? Download this free application,  capture and cherish the wonderful moments of life.