Copy Cloud Storage Review: Better Sharing, More Secure & Company Friendly

Copy cloud storage serviceCopy is the latest cloud storage application on the market and it is attracting users at a spectacular rate.

Although their features are standard, they are seizing the opportunities provided by social sharing networks and utilizing growing internet trends. Their advertising strategy deserves commending, their clients are greatly rewarded and their product works extremely well.

How Does Copy Work?

Exceptionally simple, Copy works by dragging and dropping files from your desktop directly into a single folder. As you drop, your files will begin uploading instantaneously.

At the same time, it will sync your data to your other devices and store it in their system for you. Once you have uploaded your information, you can access and share it from anywhere in the world using your mobile device.

Will Using Copy Benefit Me?

Copy clients can access, sync and share files online; from anywhere in the world using any of their portable devices. This software is designed for private individual use, small businesses and large enterprises alike. Anyone can benefit from their services. Here are some ways that you can fulfill your needs with Copy:

• Affiliate Program Initiative

Their marketing geniuses are offering people 15GB of storage, for free. In addition to this, you can earn more space by getting your friends to sign up as well. For every referral, you will each receive an extra 5GB. Tweeters earn 2GB every time Copy’s services are mentioned. This affiliate initiative is largely responsible for their phenomenal success.

• Storage

You can store your information on their remote system. They are responsible for the backup of your data and you can abandon the need for external hardware. This is really advantageous because if you misplace your PC, or it gets stolen, your information is not lost. It is already stored elsewhere and can easily be retrieved.

• Syncing

When you install the Copy application onto your desktop, you need to install it on the devices you wish to use as well. For example, if you need to access your information from your mobile smartphone; then it needs to be installed on your phone. Once the application has been downloaded, a simple control will allow you to sync data with the device you choose.

• Sharing

There are no size limitations on files, videos or photographs that you wish to send remotely. Regardless of how big your file is, you can upload it easily and share it with anyone. They are accessible from any device, from any location and you can choose whether you want to send them privately or publicly.

• Multiple Platforms

Compatible with any operating system such as Linux, Mac OS X and Windows computers; Copy supports multiple devices. This includes Android, Windows Mobile and iOS (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone). In other words, it will work if you have any of the current technology on your device or PC.

• Security

Any data you send to your Copy file is inspected and verified before being accepted into your cloud storage. Before transferring data to your other devices, you need to prove that you are the owner. There is built-in identity verification for any private files you wish to share remotely. Every 1MB of data stored is encrypted with its own key.

• Company Control

User and group management has been implemented for companies with many employees. Your stored information can only be accessed once a user verifies their identity. There are extra controls in place to keep your data private, particularly when sharing needs to occur safely between authorized groups and users only.

• Affordability

A good cloud service offers low cost per gigabyte. Copy is free to download and install and they are generous with their free space. If you require more storage then you can choose between two paid plans. Copy is definitely among the cheapest on the market; their rates are fantastic value for money compared to their competitors.


The cloud storage market is fast evolving. There is a greater need for a completely safe, user-friendly, scalable and interactive file sharing platform for corporate and individual use.

With Copy, data can be stored, protected and shared privately among users allowed access to it. The drag-and-drop interface is so simple to use that integrating Copy into your daily business is extremely easy.

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