Comprehensive Skynox Review – Don’t Miss the Free Offer!

Skynox online backup


Online backup solutions have become quite the focus of attention lately. Maybe all this newfound attention is encouraging release of newer online backup solutions in the market. One such online backup solution called Skynox has been launched by Sherweb and is the focus of today’s post.


What Exactly is Skynox?

Well, I already mentioned that it is an online backup solution but let me tell you something more than that. Skynox is a highly secure system to safeguard your data and provides efficient recovery. Considering that majority of the businesses store their sensitive data on some or the other kind of gadgets, there is always a danger of it being exposed to theft, damage or even destruction. Having an online solution to store all your sensitive data is not a luxury, rather it is a necessity. Skynox provides online storage and most importantly offers 3 different methods to access this stored / backed up info back.

How Does Skynox Work?

Skynox works in a very simplistic manner and does not involve much fuss at all. All you got to do is download the software on your desktop, laptop, MAC or windows server and then it will begin its work smoothly in the background without bothering you in any way. But you will have to configure the settings properly before Skynox can perform smoothly without interruptions or hang-ups.

Choose the files that need to be backed up regularly and also other vital details like bandwidth throttling; all of which can be covered with just a couple of clicks. Once you get the settings right, then you can sit back and take a deep breath of relief, because the software will handle all the operations automatically!

What Makes Skynox Stand Out From The Crowd?

The best part about using Skynox is the ease and convenience of usage that it provides. The backups are not only conducted silently in the background, but also are scheduled to run automatically without any intervention / supervision. Your backups will be done at scheduled times, even if you are not logged onto the server.

Each file gets uploaded only once and all uploads done thereafter will only be of recent changes or modification. During restore the original file along with the subsequent changes are arranged systematically. This feature allows saving of valuable disk space and also saves lot of time.

Bandwidth throttling feature helps in swifter upload of your files, ensuring 5 times more speed for Skynox backup when compared to the others.

Skynox offers military grade protection and security for your files backed up and stored online on their server. Financial institutions like banks are renowned for their ultra secure data that is practically un-breachable by hackers or malicious softwares and unreachable for unauthorized people. Skynox ensures that your online files are protected in a similar manner by undertaking variety of measures as follows:

  • All data is compressed and encrypted at source itself
  • It uses SSL pathways for uploading and restoring data
  • All their datacenters that store your files online are certified under the strictest SAS 70 and Tier 3 regulations.
Skynox Free Trial

Different Needs Different Plans

Skynox offers flexibility in their plans so that you can choose what works best for your needs.

Skynox Professional- Costs $ 59.95 per year and provides 60GB + additional GB for 1 workstation

Skynox Business- Costs $199. 95 per year and provides 200 GB + additional GB for unlimited workstations and 1 server

Skynox Enterprise- Costs $ 499.95 per year and provides 400 GB+ additional GB for unlimited servers and unlimited workstations.

If you are still not sure take advantage of the free trial offer to do a test run before settling for any single plan.

What Are Their Customers Saying About Them?

One look at the testimonials and you will realize instantly that Skynox has an awesome customer support system. Most of the customers are generous with their praises about the quick response, timeliness and ease of the customer support received by them. All their clients agree that any technical difficulty faced by them was instantly attended to and assisted by a technical expert and the problem got solved in minutes rather than hours / days.

Since online backup is a sensitive matter, any delay in attending to customer’s problems can mean loss of huge proportions. But SherWeb has made it extremely quick and easy to get any kind of problems fixed, even if you are technically challenged or know nothing of technical stuff.


Online backup is the need of the hour, with ever increasing threats to data stored on workstations and gadgets. Skynox provides one of the best online backup solutions with their military grade security and extreme focus on customer support. So when are you going to try one of the 3 different Skynox plans?