Really Taking Advantage of What the Cloud Has to Offer

cloud-computing-benefitsCloud computing is a fairly new way of computing that has swept the globe, both in business and personal atmospheres. We have seen numerous individuals utilize the cloud to store and share data like music, photos and even documents.

While on the personal level it can offer great storage capabilities, for small, medium and even large businesses, it can broaden horizons and provide several benefits.

So the question then becomes, are you ready to move beyond personal online computing resources and start really taking advantage of what the cloud has to offer your organization?

The Benefits for Businesses

The possibilities are virtually endless, resulting in innumerable benefits for businesses who have converted their computing from physical servers to the online software. We will discuss a few of these benefits briefly below:

Mobility and Accessibility

The cloud allows businesses to better manage the ever-growing use of personal mobile devices for work purposes. This movement is called the BYOD (bring your own device) movement and we are seeing more work place employees using their personal tablets, laptops and smartphones for work related access. This is possible through the cloud’s improved accessibility (no longer are employees limited to network access in the office) and MDM (mobile device management).

Lower Energy Use and Operating Costs

By transitioning servers to cloud-based services, corporations have seen lowered energy use, improved overhead costs and increased physical space. Through it, businesses can use a 10 to 1 server ratio that saves in material costs (less physical servers are required) as well as space within an office. This in turn lowers office utility bills as well as reduces the number of employees needed to maintain an office network.

Disaster Recovery and Increased Storage

Cloud computing also assists organizations in increased storage. Unlike traditional computing and servers, the cloud is a virtual station that has unlimited amounts of space. This is wonderful for ever-growing businesses and also costs because it works in a storage as a service capacity, only charging for the memory and storage used each month.

This increased storage is also an excellent tool for businesses looking to protect their assets with disaster recovery. If a company is in the wake of a natural disaster, their cloud access and storage allows them to continue working regardless of their surroundings. This allows them to stay competitive while other businesses may be failing due to conventional computing.

Increased Security

Many business owners feel that these SaaS providers are unsafe, and that holds them back from many of its benefits. However, this is a myth because it actually provides improved security to businesses and their sensitive information.

How to Truly Take Advantage

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of cloud-based computing services, it’s time to explore how a business can truly take advantage of all these services can offer. There are several ways to do this but let’s take an in depth look at four ways your organization can utilize these services right away.

Determine the Correct Service Solution

There are few main solutions that can be tailored for a unique business computing model. Those platforms can include a Hybrid Cloud (a blend between cloud computing and maintaining some computing on a business’s physical network), an Infrastructure Cloud (when an organization’s entire network is on the cloud) and Software As a Service Cloud (where company software is stored on a virtual network environment for quick access and updates).


There are many more network service platforms to choose from but determining the correct one for your company is the first step to fully taking advantage of all the cloud can offer.

Plan to Grow

In the past, organizations would worry about outgrowing their data storage capabilities but with the new cloud-based companies can plan for continued growth. However, while the cloud is prepared for a company’s growth, many organizations are not planning for growth. This means that growth and cloud use can be held up by corporate bottlenecks. To fully utilize the it, businesses will need to plan for growth.

Share More

One of the main advantages is that company best practices, documents and information can be easily shared. When a company culture encourages sharing over the cloud, it opens up the possibility for continued growth, productivity and even creativity. For the full advantages, companies are encouraged to share more.

Go Mobile

As mentioned above, the BYOD movement is sweeping the business landscape. Many employees suggest that they prefer to use their own equipment and they tend to be more productive when doing so. By going and encouraging mobile use of the cloud, corporations can please employees, see increased productivity and take full advantage of the cloud’s accessibility.

Find more from Jared Jacobs who has professional and personal interests in everything technology. As an employee of Dell, he has to stay up to date on the latest trends in cloud computing and breakthroughs in large enterprise solutions and consumer electronics buying trends. In his spare time he is tinkering with sound systems and other awesome gadgets he can get his hands on. He’s also a big Rockets and Texans fan.