ClickMeeting Service Review: More Like A Real-Life Round Table Gathering!

Need a reliable software solution that will allow you to collaborate with partners and clients? ClickMeeting does not only serve this purpose, it is also compatible with many popular applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe, Google Calendar and iCal.

It works perfectly well with the social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and Linked In and allows users to conduct business-boosting Audio and Video Conferencing, Meeting Room Customization, effective desktop and browser sharing, moderated and private chat options and the ability to translate chat messages into several languages.

Effective Video and Audio Conferencing

Audio meeting is not just enough to show clients or partners how happy you are working with them or how determined you are to meet their demands. A lot can be said with looks than with words alone.

Hence the experts behind ClickMeeting took it upon themselves to provide businesses and entrepreneurs an easy solution to a face-to-face meeting with their clients, partners or employees. This solution is powered by industry-standard infrastructure – allowing users to connect either by phone or through the internet.

Video conferencing with ClickMeeting is more like a physical meeting. They feature all the tools that will give you all the powers you would have had on a client, partner or employee if you are to meet with them physically.

You also have the ability to show-case new products with descriptions, business plan drafts or even pool an image from your social media site ready to share. This puts you in control while allowing your attendees to also present, discuss, edit and brainstorm on the go.

Customizable Meeting Room

Only few hotels would allow you to restructure their conference room with your company logo on some important areas like the entrance gate or door and on the major edible items like bottled water, etc.

Many businesses dream of meeting clients in an environment with the right color, logo, graphics, theme and other value-added materials that will speak volume about the ability of their firm without words. However, you can redesign your conference room with

ClickMeeting to show attendees exactly what you want them to see. It could be promotional statements, an enticing list of your company’s achievements, portfolio, etc. Imagine the impact this could have on new clients, prospective employees or partners that may have been looking for the best promotional materials to put your company at the top.

Full Desktop and Browser Sharing Features

What if you need to see the data right on your employees’ PC, or perhaps you want to help clients source a particular file or arrange certain business folder on their PC? No excuse could justify that you can’t, because your business bears the full weight of the impact.

ClickMeeting is integrated with the right features that will enable you to work together with your clients or partners on shared documents, applications and web pages. This feature comes handy when you may want to train employees, clients or show them how your new app can transform their business.

You can simply launch the program on their shared desktop and run a demo… it doesn’t matter where they are in the world! The sharing and collaboration tools will give you a click access to their mouse and keyboard.

Collaborate With Clients with the Language You Understand Best

Language barrier has limited the reach of many businesses. With the instant Chat Translation from ClickMeeting, business owners can take any client for any business purpose from any part of the world and talk, ask questions, review applications, browse together and do much more together. This service also comes with a reliable moderation tool giving them full control over the interaction.

ClickMeeting is a premium online meeting software solution with all the necessary tools that users can use to conduct effective audio or video conference with clients, partners or employees.

With a click access to all these features, you can easily use it to train clients, showcase and launch new products, work together with partners and do virtually every other thing to grow your business. ClickMeeting comes with unlimited support services and has been chosen by more than 800,000 users with a pool of positive feedbacks from thousands of satisfied customers.