Citrix Products – Prices on Virtual Computing Solutions for Individuals and Businesses

Citrix provides a means for people to work wherever and whenever they please, by innovatively applying cloud computing technology and desktop virtualization to business applications. This helps individuals telecommute more easily, businesses save money, and IT professionals deliver a higher standard of service to their clients.

How Citrix Products Work

Citrix creates virtual applications and desktops for business use. These allow people to do everything that they could on a conventional desktop, using a variety of mobile devices.

This is useful for small companies that want to save money by allowing employees to telecommute easily, and large companies that want to make their files accessible to workers outside of business hours. It’s also good for sales people, and other employees who spend a lot of time traveling.


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Citrix also provides cloud infrastructure and networking solutions. This allows businesses to create virtual datacenters for all of their data storage and web server needs, ultimately saving them thousands of dollars in hardware and IT fees.

What Customers are Saying About Citrix

Citrix is known for providing desktop virtualization that’s fast and secure. In general, users can access their files quickly and easily, and do whatever they need to do remotely. Citrix’s web conferencing utility, GoToMeeting, is described as providing excellent audio conferencing, an intuitive interface, and being extremely affordable when compared to similar products.

GoToMyPC supports video streaming and folder transfers, and requires very little in the way of computer resources to work with, so it doesn’t have a negative overall impact on a machine’s performance.


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On the flip side, Citrix does have some negative reviews. Users point out that it can take a long time for their desktop virtualization products to connect, and that Citrix products in general are slow and offer inconsistent performance. For the most part, this seems to have more to do with users’ hardware or configurations than it does Citrix products- complaints about Citrix performance aren’t consistent across the board, which indicates problems on an individual level as opposed to the Citrix products themselves.

Citrix Pricing

Citrix offers a variety of products for different applications. For their desktop virtualization, they offer the following:

–        GoToMyPC, starting at $19.95 per month. This gives users the ability to access their own computer (PC or Mac) from any other computer with an internet connection. They can copy and paste files from one machine to the other, and even print remotely.

–        XenApp Fundamentals, starting at $945.00. This is remote access for small businesses. Applications that users need to access are hosted in a central datacenter, and users can get access to whatever they need to via browser.

They also offer XenServer, a means of creating a cloud-driven virtual data system. This gives businesses a distinct advantage when it comes to creating a datacenter that grows with them. Physical machines can be added or taken away from the cloud as needed, without creating a lot of unnecessary downtime and added expense. This virtualization platform starts at $1,000 for the “Advanced” edition.

Citrix has a suite of networking products as well, including:

–        NetScaler VPX, starting at $2,000.00. This load-balancing software helps reduce the workload on overburdened servers, reducing downtime and ensuring that applications and files are always available to users who access the network.

–        Access Gateway VPX, for $995.00 per instance. This helps companies protect their corporate data on XenServer.

–        Branch Repeater VPX, starting at $4,000.00. This is a WAN optimization utility that allows XenApp and XenDesktop to support more activity, without increasing bandwidth.

Lastly, Citrix also has a broad library of collaboration and telecommuting products, like these:

–        GoToMeeting, for $49.00 per month. This is a web conferencing utility that supports audio conferencing with a simple, one-click interface.

–        GoToWebinar, for $99.00 per month. This is similar to GoToMeeting, for a webinar meeting format.

–        GoToTraining, for $149.00 per month. This is a utility designed to help with corporate e-learning.

–        GoToAssist, starting at $9.95 per day. This allows users to connect with clients’ computers, to provide remote assistance with software applications and technical problems.


Citrix has developed a large number of different IT solutions for companies looking to trim costs and streamline their operations. With Citrix, business owners can allow their employees to telecommute, make their IT department more flexible and efficient, and cut down on their hardware costs by balancing the workload of their existing servers.