5 Types of Children Tragedies Under 10 That Can Be Prevented with Cell-Phone Monitoring Software

monitor kids through cell phone software

monitor kids through cell phone softwareWhile certain degree of injuries is natural and inevitable during childhood, there is no room for tragedies to happen to children. We know for sure that without tumbling and falling, the child cannot learn to walk. We know for sure that kids can get stuck in narrow places. But we definitely do not want the child stuck in a narrow place when there’s a fire around, or a rabid dog, or a bully humiliating him/her. Tragedies can maim, cripple, cause trauma, or even kill children. Parents must promote a safe environment around their children and their friends to avoid tragedies. Great help has been rendered by cell phone monitoring software as well.

While only God can prevent tragedies 100%, that doesn’t mean that we as parents shouldn’t do our part and use whatever tool we have at our disposal to protect our children. And one of these tools that help parents, especially those who have to work (and who doesn’t these days?), offer an effective way to monitor their children is cell phone monitoring software.

Here are common tragedies associated with children under 10 that many parents have been able to avoid thanks to the program:


Fire is the leading tragedy to affect lives of American kids under 10. Children are curious about glittering and bright objects especially fire, because it moves. That’s why they start playing with a fire source (match or lighter) when they find one, often because they are trying to imitate the lightning of fire of others. The curiosity and ensuing exploration turns into horrific tragedy if the child is not monitored or the environment does not cater for fire safety. Child training can also improve chances of avoiding this tragedy, but the best way is to use the program to know if your child is being taken by a school or by a family member to a place that is prone to fires.

Children left in Cars

This tragedy is really unfortunate as it borders on sheer negligence. Yet it has happened repeatedly across the United States and heinous stories have surfaced every now and then. There is nothing more precious than a child in any family and leaving a child to die in such a painful way is far from any justification. While most people think this tragedy is caused by bad parents, more often than not is done by people who baby-sit your child, either because you pay them or as a favor. Even more tragic is that when you call the person in charge, and she realizes the child is gone, she will lie to you in order to avoid trouble, instead of telling you the truth so that you can save your child.

Electrocution and Drowning

Electrocution and drowning at lakes and swimming pools is another tragedy that has made headlines recently. The problem can be attributed largely to loopholes in environment management and safety standards of the place. Well planned and well-maintained places can reduce the odds of such tragedies for children who are totally dependent upon their elders. The program’s ability to take pictures and its location tracking can tell you if your child is being taken to a water park or a pool that doesn’t meet the basic security standards, which often is someone’s pool.

Divorce in the Family

As you can predict, the separation or divorce of the parents plays havoc with kids’ life. He/she becomes mentally shattered. The personality balance is affected and the kid is unlikely to lead a normal life ever again. Sometimes the kid may even succumb to inflicting pain on himself. With the program, you’ll be able to understand the depth of depression or anguish that your child experiments and how this issue affects him/her. Moreover, if you get a divorce, your child might have to spend a lot of time with your ex-spouse. Is your child ok at the other house? Is he/she developing good relationships with the children of your spouse? What about the new husband or wife of your spouse? Is your child being forced to call this new person father/mother? Now you can now from a distance.


I can’t believe that we are still dealing with this problem. One would think that teachers, principals and governments would have done something to make schools safe for children, but they haven’t. Bullying has the problem that it happens out of our sight, so it’s hard to detect. Fortunately, the program can help detect and stop bullies. And I’m sure that if the application gives you the name of the bully who’s been picking on your child, you’ll make sure that he/she stops once and for all.


There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t use cell phone monitoring software. It’s easy to install, cheap, discreet, and most importantly effective. You can’t be physically next to your child all the time, but this is as close as it gets.

About The Author: Brian Coulter is a skilled  developer engineer on smart phones. He’s testing hardware and software applications on any mobile device and shares his views. He is also working for Cell Phone Spy Software.