Camera Zoom FX App for Android Review: Capture Extraordinary Images with your Smartphone’s Camera

It seems quite the trend of late to start Facebook pages that go like, <first name> <last name> photography. This kind of spike in interest in photography has also seen an almost harmonized rise in camera sales.

The ongoing trend has been to purchase a digital camera and start your own experiments with photography. There is however, a more inexpensive alternative. Mobile cameras today are also fully capable of producing high quality photographs.

Getting that professional, SLR-like picture quality can be synthesized using a simple app. You can now effortlessly turn your smartphone into a fully functional camera.


Camera Zoom FX is a robust Android application that can effectively turn your smartphone into an awesome digital camera. You can now bring your pictures to life using this simple app and become a professional photographer even on-the-move!

This great zoom camera application definitely finds a place among the best smartphone apps available today. The user-friendly interface and countless amazing features surely make it a must have for your device. Let us go through some of the features of this great application.

Zoom Capabilities


The quick zoom feature on the app lets you Zoom into objects with a fair amount of ease. The zoom slider on the left panel of the screen lets you focus on objects with a certain smoothness. Get the perfect shot every time.

Fastest Camera Available for Android

With a capability to capture photos at the rate of 10 photos per second, get the perfect shot almost every time. Capture breathtaking actions almost frame by frame. An ideal photographic solution for capturing kids who often fidget. Your stock camera can never even hope to compete.

Multiple Shooting Modes


Take full control of the kind of shot you wish to create. Use the mode selector option to create collages or customizable photo sequences. The timer facility allows you to capture self shots if it so takes your fancy.

Blurry Shots are Gone


Capture the perfect moment almost every time. Camera Zoom FX has an image stabilizer on-screen to assist your picture taking. The image stabilizer will tell you exactly how steady you are holding the camera. This results in improved and non-blurry pictures.

In addition to these great new features, the Camera Zoom FX also features a great set of photo editing capabilities. Apply awesome filters, effects and frames to your pictures. The brand new buddy pack lets you bring any celeb ‘buddy’ of your choosing into the picture. Show off your camera’s potential to all your Apple buddies.

Awesome Effects


Filters Pack: The FX List

The filter pack allows you to add a number of different and new effects to your pictures. Choose from a wide range of digital effects to apply to your pictures for lasting memories. Choose different effects such as Holga 35mm, Dark night, dated Polaroid and picture postcard FX.

The FX don’t just stop there. The Camera Zoom FX has other effects that can keep you firmly captivated. Vignette filters, funky distortions, various mirror effects and other vintage photographic effects, to add that much preciousness to your photographs.

Editing your album photographs is a lot more convenient than with a simple stock camera. The collage grids offer you various options to put together spectacular collages. Mix and match your effects to get great photographs. Your memories are now stored in a highly unique way.

Trendy Skin Packs

The most attractive feature of the Camera Zoom FX has to be the ‘buddy packs’ feature. The buddy packs feature is the best tool available to you to make your photographs look cooler than ever. The buddy packs let you add famous celebrities to your photographs.

This cool feature can have you clicking away photographs with the queen in Egypt or any such location of your choice. The buddy packs include popular celebrities such as the Queen, president Obama or Brittney Spears. Other additional packs let you add additional features to your photographs.



Resize and move the ‘buddy’ after you click the shot and make it look like they’re really there. Buddies can even be added to photos already present in your gallery. You can even purchase additional buddy packs that include other celebs of your choice.

You can even add various props to your photographs. Different props can be added to your images to get the desired effect. Take a photo of your friend and turn him into a pirate with a simple selection. Surprise your friend by putting him in a dress. The props are a fun way of adding something completely unrelated to the context of the picture and creating a wholly different effect.

Adding the composite effects can bring about high quality photo textures to your photographs. Bring the look of the old photo feel in your digital photographs with these effects.

Explore the composite packs and find the right effect to suitably edit your photographs without the need for any additional Photoshop software. Composite packs also provide you with an opportunity to change the entire mood of your photographs.


This incredible app also has photo frames to add that essential polish to your finished photographs. Cool borders and trendy shutters are an added bonus to give your photographs the required feel and finesse. Add cool effects like the James Bond shutter to your pictures.

The effects and the image design possibilities are endless. This app is a great Android application that will certainly end the days of your boring stock camera application.


In conclusion, Camera Zoom FX is the all-in-one camera application that is capable of catering to all of your photographic needs. Preserve the greatest of life’s memories within your smartphone with this awesome application.

Edit, crop, modify and enhance your photographs with extraordinary results. Take creative snaps and make them more creatively appealing by applying various props and masks available to you.

To all the photography enthusiasts out there, not a moment more to lose, Camera Zoom FX is the application to have on your smartphone for snapping life’s more splendid and memorable moments. Buy it today and start getting more out of your camera.

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