The Globalization of Business; How Video Conferencing Has Made the World Smaller

identifying global business opportunities

identifying global business opportunitiesGlobalization has forever changed the way that the world conducts business. A leading contributor to this trend has been the rise of the Internet. What once took weeks or months can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Meetings between business leaders on opposite sides of the globe can take place from a table at a coffee shop, entire processes and transactions can be completed digitally and clients and customers can be obtained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Now, more than ever, globalization is a crucial, driving force in the world economy and business affairs. According to a study by Fortune Magazine; 32 of the top 44 companies reporting foreign revenues and 18 of those companies do over 25-percent of their revenue outside the United States. This trend is carrying over into businesses of all sizes.

The Internet and Globalization

With the speed in which businesses are expanding, not taking advantage of globalization can have serious detrimental effects. This is because globalization is redefining not just where businesses conduct business but how they are conducting business as well. Suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and any other part of the business can be highly optimized through globalization to increase speed, production, quality and profits.

While not every business might need this level of globalization, multinational marketing is an aspect from which nearly any business can benefit. Advances in Internet technology have made this process easier than ever thanks to web conferencing software, video chat, voice over IP services and other innovations.

Harnessing the Power of Web Conference Software

Web conferencing software, such as webcasting services by Intercall Steven Chalmers says, make it easy to conduct multinational marketing, coordinate campaigns and manage workforces to help any business leverage the true power of globalization.

What once would take months of planning, thousands of dollars in travel and accommodations and hundreds of people to coordinate can now be accomplished in a matter of hours.

Meetings and presentations can be held from any location with sufficient Internet access, material can be digitally distributed to members of the team and anyone participating can engage and interact with the event. This means less time spent planning and more time accomplishing your business goals.

These traits also help to make web conferencing software a reliable solution. The unexpected always occurs at the most inopportune times. Imagine securing a venue, promoting your event and investing the time and money, just to find that weather or other uncontrollable events might force you to cancel.

With video conferencing solutions, this is not a concern. Simply log in, get comfortable and hold your meeting. Delayed flights, weather events and illness are now no longer of concern.

Web Conferencing Software Availability

Web conferencing software is available for a variety of platforms. Options range from complex solutions with integrated cameras and software suites to simple smartphone applications that allow users to tap a screen and take part in the action.

Cloud-based web conference services are available as well to provide a cohesive interface and experience for everyone without the need for complex hardware or software installations. This means that any time that you have a few minutes; you can be marketing, promoting and getting work done.

From the hotel room or taxicab to the conference room and office, web conferencing is changing the way that businesses communicate. This also means easier access for those you wish to participate. Conference members can attend and interact from a variety of environments.

This increases engagement and the overall impact that the conference might have. Best of all, it makes it easier to satisfy the needs of potential attendees and partners. This means more meetings, more communication and more business potential.

Other Uses for Web Conferencing Software

However, web conferencing software is not just limited to marketing and promotion. It can also be used behind the scenes to streamline projects and increase productivity. Instead of scheduling time, stopping production and holding meetings, these meetings can take place while continuing to get things done.

Additional features, such as document and file sharing, digital white boards, collaboration management, project management and client relations systems can be integrated with most popular web conferencing software to create a highly customized and efficient productivity solution.