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Android devices are the most popular smartphones in the world today. The sheer number of consumers who use Android smartphones makes it very lucrative for malicious hackers to try and gain access to them.

Your personal data is the most important and you must endure that it is kept safe. Being in possession of your devices’ data gives the hacker the ability to do anything that can be detrimental to you. Hackers use all manner of cunning ways to gain access to your devices.

Why Use It?

Malware, adware, viruses, and other malicious programs provide hackers with creative ways of playing with your information. Your device safeguards need to be equally creative in order for you to effectively defend your smartphones.

BitDefender Mobile Security is the ultimate comprehensive Android security application in the market today. Android devices are quite different from devices from other platforms. They have certain vulnerabilities when it comes to mobile protection.

These vulnerabilities arise mainly due to the Android OS being open source. The open source Android platform makes it difficult for security packages to have SLA certifications.

BitDefender Mobile Security is currently the industry leader in providing comprehensive protection from theft, loss of device, and virus attacks. It has made this cutting-edge application to accommodate the latest in security and virus application.

Key Features

– Your device now has the kind of protection that it deserves. The app provides the latest in malware, anti-theft and web protection. It currently caters to over 450 million users all over the world.

– This expertise is now brought to your mobile device. The application is updated every day with the latest virus definitions ensuring that your device remains updated and protected from any new threats may arise.

– Now you don’t need to have any more worries in case of lost or stolen devices. BitDefender gives you a web-based dashboard which consumers can track their devices by Geo-location. You can also send texts to your devices or lock your device remotely.

– The best feature available to you is that you can even sound an alarm in your phone remotely alerting people nearby in case you are unable to find your device. BitDefender automatically scans each and every application that you install on your device and only allows installation if they are found to be Malware free. Almost 99% of Malware can be cleaned using this feature.

– This great mobile security application is also very efficient and capable of running in the background. It audits your applications to ensure that other installed apps don’t carry out any malicious activity.

– Some apps may download unwanted data or access the web without receiving any permission from you. The app ensures that you are alerted every time any other application behave suspiciously.

– It also allows you to safely browse using Google’s default web browser or even Chrome browser. It verifies the websites you visit and steers you away from any unreliable and unsafe websites.


BitDefender Mobile Security is the best and most comprehensive security application that can effectively keep your device safe from any form of malicious incursion.

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