BitDefender Windows 8 Security Review: Get the Latest Protection for your New Windows 8 OS

Windows 8 Security by Bitdefender is the first internet security suite for Microsoft’s latest Windows that incorporates features which are exclusively tailored to complement Windows 8 environment. Being consecutively ranked number 1 by several major reviewers, Bitdefender is not a small name when it comes to internet security.

Features Exclusively Tailored for Windows 8

With four new features tailored for the Windows 8 operating system, Bitdefender Windows 8 Security provides a package that is both, comprehensive and effective.
The Proactive App Scanner helps analyze automatically, all your Windows 8 operating system’s application and programs and informs you when one of them has been affected adversely. Early Start-up Scanner helps keep you updated with the security status of your computer on continuous basis as the software integrates itself with the Windows Security Center.

Similarly, Scan Boost Technology is another Windows 8 exclusive feature that helps overall functionality of Bitdefender Windows 8 Security. It helps the suite provide high speed scanning, great anti-malware protection and top streamlines experience, giving you all you want from a complete security suite. The Security Info feature makes use of ELAM technology and prevents threats from infecting your PC when the Windows starts.

Other Features

The easy to use interface, with big security status ring at top along with Events, Auto Pilot and Settings tabs, keeps you informed with your security configuration and needed actions to make the system more secure. The Parental Control feature enables you to monitor and control your child’s activity online in a much improved manner. Besides this, Safebox helps you with safe accessing and managing of sensitive or important files by storing them in online locations that are very secure.

Through the Rescue Mode you are able to eliminate threats that are normally not removed within the operating system. The Vulnerability Scanner feature detects missing security patches and software alongside unsafe system settings. The two-way firewall monitors various internet connections. It detects and prevents unauthorized access to your PC.

The Autopilot option helps you experience hassle free detecting and making all required security decisions without any input from you. You don’t have to deal with annoying alert messages and pop-ups. The Scan Dispatcher and Tune Up modules make fast speed scheduled scanning achievable without any impact on system’s speed.

Social network protection allows you to experience internet threat-free environment. You can also monitor your privacy settings with a lot more ease. Options such as Antiphising, Personal Data Filter, File Encryption and File Shredder provide you with complete privacy and protect your data from threats present out there.

MyBitdefender dashboard can be accessed from anywhere using any internet connected device. The security widget helps you keep track of various tasks very easily. Active Virus Control option finds suspicious activities making use of the suite’s live behavior.

By opening your e-shopping pages in a secure browser Bitdefender Safepay helps keep threats away. Anti-Theft feature helps keeping your laptops safe against theft or loss. The USB immunizer feature helps immunize Flash Drive from viruses.

In short, the suite enables you to obtain unparalleled security at full speed with absolute silence and total privacy. You get full control over your security controls and can experience worry free socializing.

Pros & Cons


· Safe and fast security suite
· Quick scanning time
· Does not impact your computer system’s speed
· Easy to use and understand
· Easy installation


· Parental Control commands are carried out with a delay at times
· You might face seldom interface crashes
· Windows 8 is prone to 15% of most popular threats used by cyber criminals, even with Bitdefender in action.

Plans & Costs

You can get Windows 8 Security for $59.95 with a 1 year license if you want to support 1 Personal Computer. Similarly a price f $74.95 is charged if you want to support 9 computers and by paying $119.95 you can support up to 5 PCs with a 1 year license in hand. If you are still undecided about this security suite you can try it for free through a 30-days trial by providing your email address and carrying out actions as instructed to you through an email.


In conclusion Windows 8 Security by Bitdefender is a quality security tool for Windows 8 that you won’t regret having and should be high on your list of must-have application. Being a capable and effective tool made by a company that is known for its antivirus and security solutions Windows 8 Security is not a bad security suite to own.