Best Tips For Longer Laptop Battery Life


Of course we want our laptop batteries to last as long as possible. Laptop batteries are lithium-ion based. Current research continues to focus on this type of battery and improvements will likely continue to be seen. At present, lithium-ion batteries will provide users with 300-500 cycles of discharging/charging.

Aging Batteries

Nothing lasts forever, and lithium-ion batteries are no exception. Most will last two to three years, eventually giving in to the oxidation process and no longer holding a charge. Once a lithium-ion battery is worn out it cannot be fixed. It will need to be replaced.

Optimal Conditions

To maximize the life of your laptop battery, store it in optimal conditions. The worst way to treat batteries is to keep them fully charged at elevated temperatures. This will significantly reduce their lifespan. Instead, store (if possible) in a cool, dry place at less than 50% charge. Never store a spare battery for a laptop in a hot car. Note that when running fully charged, laptop batteries increase in temperature.

Take It Out

To protect the battery from excess heat, some experts recommend removing it when the laptop is attached to a fixed power source (plugged in). The risk of this is that a power outage or interruption in power to the laptop will cause data loss. Evaluate carefully whether it is worth the risk.

Tips for Longer Laptop Battery Life

  • Do not allow laptop batteries to run down fully – they are more efficient with more frequent partial charges.
  • Store batteries in cooler temperatures – elevated temperatures decrease longevity.
  • Treat batteries gently – do not overload them.
  • Every thirty charges, allow the battery to completely discharge – this keeps the gauge accurate.
  • If a battery is going to be stored, keep it at a 40% charge.
  • To store a spare battery, keep it in the refrigerator at 40% charge – this will prolong its life.