Give Your Kids the Ultimate Pleasure with the Latest Tablet Apps

Kids spend quality time playing with highly advanced technical gadgets. You must have noticed them playing with their parents’ smartphones or Android devices.

So, when tablets become gaming tools for kids, then they should also be provided with certain useful apps. Jack Gates, an online iPad support specialist is introducing a selection of applications, some of which offer mere entertainment while others present educational value and induce interaction.

Creative Applications

Art My Kid Made: This FREE app enables you to take snaps and save the photographs of your child’s artwork. This app also lets you share your kid’s creativity with near and dear ones through the prominent social networking sites.

Maily: When your child is using a tablet, he will certainly like new experiences. This app introduces your youth to the texting world by offering him the opportunity to create the very first mail of his life and then forward it to parents’ inboxes. This mailing option is unquestionably safe.

Disney Pixel’D: This FREE application will empower the creative skill of your kid, who can become a cartoonist by creating animations from Disney characters. This app gives you the opportunity to share your child’s brilliant work with all your online friends.

Educational Applications

Little Digits: Teach your child to count with your iPad. Just touch the screen with your fingers and as many fingers you use for touching, so the corresponding numbers will be displayed on the iPad screen. With the help of this app, you can make your child do mathematical calculations.

Numberlys: This app for iPad or iPhone is meant to develop your child’s awareness of letters. This app is a combo of storytelling and gaming applications and provides a good foundation for understanding the alphabet. It is a visual representation that will make the learning much easier.

The Singing Alphabet: This is another application for iPad and iPhone. Yes, this application is about singing letters where each letter of the alphabet has phonetic sound. Combine the letters and you will have harmonious tunes. Isn’t this really wonderful?

Around the Clock: Here is a new way to teach your young one timing by observing the clock. From a set of 24 games, it is possible to designate works through 24 hours of the day, from brushing teeth to preparing pancakes. Through games, your child will become familiarized with the clock timings.

Story Telling Applications

Cinderella – Nosy Crow Animated Picture Book: Fable characters are close to the heart of any child and this application is designed to give them that fun and pleasure. Beautiful illustrations, humor, and narration by a child make this app very enticing to the kids.

Collins Big Cat – The Farmer’s Lunch Story Creator: Up until now, you have narrated stories to your child. Now your child is able to tell tales by the combination of vocabulary, characters and pictures provided by this app. This Big Cat app is available at a price of £2.49.

Spider-Man AR Book HD: Spiderman – the character that readily draws the attention of the young and old. The employment of advanced technology in this app will enthrall your child. Crawling spiders, badges, glasses, AR masks and more are offered by this tablet app. This app is a spice to the tale of Peter Parker.

Moo, Baa, La La La!: This is the digital book comprising of cows, chickens and pigs. You can hear the animals make realistic sounds when you tap on it.

Gaming Applications

Lego Super Heroes Movie Maker: A wonderful free gaming application for the child. If your child aims to become a film maker, this app presents the golden chance. He/she is able to create Lego cinema with stop-motion scenes as well as characters. You may consider that this app is quite related to the world outside.

Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box: The young generation with complex needs and autism will find this application great as it is a combination of complex autism and needs. 21 discrete scenes are displayed, the tapping or swiping of which will represent you with varying effects.

To sum up, there are numerous apps for kids to spend time using the tablets and smartphones of their parents. Keep your child engaged in the most perfect way!