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Best Remote Desktop Software | Reviews & Benefits

Hello and welcome to simply1software, provider of the most unique and high quality software reviews on the web. Let us illustrate how Remote PC Access Software can benefit you and your business.

best remote pc access software

Whether you own a small company or you’re working from home, remote control has become a necessity in the last couple of years. Did you forget to send that report you were writing all day, to your boss before leaving work? Would you like to take work home and continue working on your current project but you’re unable to access the specific software program you’re using at work? Do you own other computers at different locations that you really need to access but distance is the sole issue? Do you have an iPad or other tablet that you can use to access your other computers at home or work anytime – anywhere?

Well, a Remote PC Access Software Program, one of the best productivity tools, can do the job for you without going anywhere! You just need to login to your account online and voilà, any of your other personal computers’ programs is right in front of you! You now can have access to everything you need without any limitations!

We Recommend The Following Programs


1. GoToMyPC – Citrix Online, LLCGOTOMYPC

GoToMyPC Review / Free Trial / 15% OFF Instant Discount

Why Choose GoToMyPC?

– GoToMyPC is a Citrix Online Top nominated product, recommended by famous and well known e-magazines & websites such as C|, Barrons Online, New York Times, PC World, Laptop Magazine and others.

Benefits of GoToMyPC

– Reliability is the number one factor for me. If it works, don’t change it! I have been using GoToMyPC since summer of 2011 and I have encountered zero problems. It is easy to use, fast, I can transfer data and work from my iPad on the many & heavy programs I use, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver and others. The only thing to consider is the cable speed. If you’ve got a very fast Internet connection, you don’t have to fear anything else!

– Price? Well, if you really want something that works, it is reliable and it saves you gas and time, it’s worth the price! If you also use our Discount Offer you get an Extra 10% OFF the annual price plan!

Real User Testimonials

– With an overall 4.6 out of 5 stars, GoToMyPC is called “the solution” by many real users. Some of them, however, don’t like it, stating that it sometimes lacks speed or doesn’t help them the way it is supposed to. In my personal opinion, you don’t spend money to buy the program and then complain it doesn’t work for you. That’s why free trials exist. Every software program does its job but it needs the right amount of time to learn in order to operate successfully. If you didn’t qualify for a driver’s license, would you be driving a car?

2. LogMeIn, IncLogMeIn

LogMeIn Review / Free Trial /

Why Choose LogMeIn?

– LogMeIn’s President and CEO Michael Simon, has been nominated with the IT MPV (Most Valuable Performers) recognition back in 2008 from Networks Products Guide. LogMeIn has been installed 50M times on every digital device that supports it. Another reason to rely on LogMeIn is its solid foundation since 2003, their early establishment and long history in the industry make it trustworthy and their services come with quality and reliability.

Benefits of LogMeIn

– It’s easy to use, reliable, fast, ergonomic, secure, designed for the most popular operating systems, mobiles & tablets, at a great price! Run any program on any other device, transfer personal data, documents, photos, videos, etc. Take advantage of our special offer and save up to 60% OFF.

Real User Testimonials

– With an overall of 4 out of 5 stars, LogMeIn has a lot of fans! Users are satisfied mostly with the free version which allows them to just login and use the software by adding their email address and a password. Another user states that he doesn’t need to worry setting up port forwarding on his router because the program establishes automatically a secure HTTP tunnel via port 443. Slow data transfer has been noted by another user but this was due to his lack of  Internet connection, as he confirmed.

3. Techinlinetechinline logo2

Techinline Review / Free Trial

Why Choose Techinline?

– Techinline remote software allows you all the access you need at a fraction of the time and effort of other remote software applications. It is browser based so it has nothing to install. While all this may seem simple and make you wonder how secure it is, rest easy, they use only 256-bit SSL/TSL encryption technology. Techinline provides high tech security with the convenience of quick and easy operation.

Benefits of Techinline

– Accessibility is important and Techinline can help you with transparent and even unattended access to troubleshoot the remote computer with ease. Access any system regardless of firewalls and even print files from the remote computer straight to a local printer at the touch of a button. Techinline provides an amazing amount of features with nothing to download. What could be easier?

– Price? Customers love choices and Techinline offers packages that anyone can afford. Also unique to Techinline is their per-session pricing which allows you to use their software only when you need it.

Real User Testimonials

– It’s hard to find a product with almost no negative feedback. It’s rare, to say the least. Techinline is one of those rare products. While there are some oddball less than stellar reviews, the overwhelming majority of Techinline’s customers are extremely satisfied. Common points of reviews and testimonials highlight the simplicity of its operation and the savings of not only time but money. Sending a technician out to do service calls is a waste of time and money. With Techinline remote access, companies spend more time solving problems and less time in money traveling.  A common comment is “A huge time saver for both client and support personnel.”

4. TeamViewer, GmbHTEAMVIEWER

TeamViewer Review / Free Download / Buy Product

Why Choose TeamViewer?

– TeamViewer comes with the finest and most popular references. It is certified by the German Association of IT appraisers and assessors with a 5 out of 5 star quality seal. It also has ISO 9001:2008 Quality certification, security inspection from Fiducia and has been approved by GAD (operator of data processing center in 450 German banks)!

Benefits of TeamViewer

– It’s free for all non-commercial users, it’s user friendly, works with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS operating systems. After installing TeamViewer on both computers you need to use, you enter an ID and pass-code number. Then you can have access to every file or folder, use another’s computer programs and transfer data to your current computer. Please contact us at for a unique discount for business use.

Real User Testimonials

– TeamViewer gets an overall 3.6 out of 5 star rating. That’s because some users complain that besides the free license, any other paid option costs too much for its capabilities. It is better to use it as free which is the most popular option, and consider buying a separate product from another company, users recommend. It is extremely annoying to pay more than $500 for a premium license and then find out that it doesn’t do the job you required it for. What do I suggest? If you own a company and you need a premium license at that kind of price, it would be wise to contact TeamViewer and tell them what you really want it for, ask how much it would cost , and also what that payment represents..

Remote PC Access Software FAQ


Q: What is Remote PC Access Software?

– Remote PC Access is a software that helps you connect your main computer with another computer in a different location remotely. That happens, for example, when you want to connect to your computer at the office (work) from your computer at home. In this case, the home computer is called “CLIENT” and the office computer is called “HOST”.

Q: What Actions Can I Take Remotely?

– When you are able to connect to another computer, in a different location, you can gain access to every single program, files, photos, videos, documents, presentations and other important data that is stored in that computer. It is like being in the same location as the “HOST” computer, without going anywhere but seeing it on your monitor’s screen at your house “CLIENT” PC.

Q: What Should I Check Before Buying?

– There are number of factors you need to check before buying any Remote Access Service.

1. Check your Internet or cable connection. If it’s strong (you will understand that while streaming a live video from YouTube, if it stacks or not), then you don’t have to worry about it. If it’s slow, then you will have problems with the speed and timing while you’re connected to another PC, because of heavy operations you will require such as file transferring or when using a heavy software program like Photoshop.

2. Check the system requirements. If your computer is new (recently bought), you can skip this check.

3. Install a Trial Version. This will enable you to understand the program, see its abilities and decide if it’s worth your money or not.

4. Ask permission to use any host computer, you do not own it! That is in cases where the host computer is at your office; then you need to contact your manager or IT department so they can agree to you using the software for the company’s benefit.

Q: Is Remote PC Access Safe?

– Yes! Remote PC Access is safe with all software listed above. GoToMyPC, LogMeIn and TeamViewer are professional remote access software that guarantee security and safety between all sessions. Everything, including data, images, personal information, file transferring, is FULLY ENCRYPTED using 128-Bit or 256-Bit AES session encoding (Advanced Encryption Standard). Learn more about these companies’ products policy by clicking the links below:

GoToMyPC Security

LogMeIn Security

Techinline Security

TeamViewer Security

Q: Can I Try Any Remote PC Access Software Before Buying?

– Yes! You have the advantage of downloading a FREE TRIAL with all Remote PC Access Software listed above. From my personal experience, free trials are the best way to know what you’re buying! Do not spend money on software where you don’t even know what it does, or how it works and if it’s easy to use. Always try products first. Most of these companies, give you a 15 to 30 Day Trial Period which is enough time for you to decide if it really works for you or not. Remember, always try before you buy!

Q: Is My Computer Certified?

– Well, the first thing to do is to visit each of the companies’ system requirements page to find out. If you own a newer computer, you definitely can install all software listed above. If your computer is older, any remote operation might be slower while you’re connected to another PC. Always remember that this kind of software also needs a great and strong Internet connection. If your computer is new but the Internet connection is very slow, you will have problems while trying to operate with the host computer.

Q: Can I Use Remote PC Access from my Smartphone or Tablet PC?

– Yes! All Remote PC Access Software provides applications for the most popular phone operating systems. You can install them on Android cell-phones or Tablets, on Kindle Fire and on the iPad or iPhone by using 3G-4G wireless connection or WiFi when available. For installation on more devices and operating systems please visit each software producer’s official page to check for compatibility issues.

Q: Will Remote Access Slow Down My Internet Bandwidth?

– It depends on your Internet service provider. If you have a strong connection and data transfer, you won’t have any problems. Most of these services certify that they don’t use a big amount of bandwidth but from my personal experience I believe it depends on what you will demand from the host computer to do. If it’s file transfer or using Photoshop, yes it will use most of your Internet’s bandwidth.

The Decision is Yours

GoToMyPC, LogMeIn and TeamViewer, are Top Remote Control and PC Access Software worldwide. But what can they really offer to you? You will never know till you try. All remote control software offers a free trial so you can check for yourself the capabilities and special features that each one provides. You can also read our reviews or visit the official page of each software product. It’s up to you to decide which one fits your needs.

If you finally decide what’s best for you, please give us your feedback and let us know about your personal experience. This will help us improve the quality of our services.

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