Best Free Amazon Fun Games for Kindle Fire HD Part 2

1. iStory Book

download istory book

The iStory Book features brilliantly illustrated interactive children’s books. Each book is professionally narrated and can be heard or watched. Though the application is free, it does come with a few titles such as “Cinderella” and “Snow White.” Each book must be downloaded individually and additional books can be purchased through an in-game store. New titles are added every two weeks, and users are happy with the purchases added to the library. Children are thrilled by this app, which features very little negative feedback, making it the most popular children’s app available for the Kindle Fire HD.

Download iStory Book

2. The Oregon Trail: American Settlers

Download The Oregon Trail: American Settlers

The Oregon Trail: American Settlers is a mobile-adapted version of a classic PC game. This is an open-world free application that allows users to creating their own pioneer experiences, building towns, shops, and farms. The game has an interesting timing feature that forces users to wait several hours at times for buildings to be completed or farms to be harvested, making the experience more lifelike. With patience, Oregon Trail can be a rewarding experience. Some updates to the game on the Kindle, however, have completely erased saved data. While most users enjoy the game, these glitches prevent it from being a top application.

Download The Oregon Trail: American Settlers

3. Pinball Deluxe Free

download pinball deluxe free

Pinball Deluxe is a free mobile pinball game for the Kindle Fire HD. The free edition features three pinball tables for countless hours of pinball entertainment. Most users are satisfied with the game’s layout, graphics, and playability. However, it can be frustrating for the user. User reviews have noted the precarious locations of some of the ads, including the small bottom banner ad. In-game ads are notorious for taking up valuable game space making it hard to play at times. This game is best enjoyed on larger tablet devices to allow enough space for the user to play.

Download Pinball Deluxe Free

4. Where’s My Water? Free

download where's my water? free

Where’s My Water is one of the most popular mobile games on the market, featuring Swampy the Alligator. Now that it’s free, the number of downloads have increased greatly. It’s a physics-based game, but the concept is easy enough and is enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Where’s My Water also features several levels and zones, with added expansion levels every few months, to keep the user perpetually busy. A huge setback for some users is the amount of permissions needed to play the game; permissions include giving Disney access to your phone’s data and entire contact list.

Download Where’s my Water? Free

5. Jewels

download jewels

Jewels is a gem-matching mobile game similar to EA’s “BeJeweled.” Though it’s a free version, users still have access to many levels that should keep them entertained for hours. With game options like timed and survival, there is enough to enjoy in the free edition. Users can compete with their friends for endless internet fun. According to reviews, the average user enjoys the Jewels gaming experience. But others warn of some glitchy, delayed controls and report force-close issues when playing the game. Despite the minor hiccups, Jewels offers hours of enjoyment.

Download Jewels

6. Flow Free

download flow free

Flow Free is a mobile application where users connect matching colors with pipes. When you connect all of the pipes on the screen, you’ve solved the puzzle and can move on to the next one. Flow Free receives great reviews from users. There is just enough challenge to keep the more skilled players entertained and just enough fun for the beginners. Many users report a good playing experience, while a few suffered from the occasional force close error, lag issue, or ad space annoyance. Overall, Flow Free is a truly unique game that offers a skilled challenge for the mobile gamer.

Download Flow Free