Best Free Amazon Fun Games for Kindle Fire HD Part 1

download ice age free1. Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village is a free open-world arcade game. Users spend time creating their very own Ice Age village with the help of characters from the popular animated film. The game has some high quality HD graphics that are sure to keep children entertained for hours. While the game is free, it does offer the user to purchase more coins for an added experience. If parents hand over their Kindle Fires to their children, they may want to enable the parental controls to prevent children from making purchases. Otherwise, the once free game may become quite expensive.

Download Ice Age Village

download fruit ninja free2. Fruit Ninja Free

Fruit Ninja, ranked a top mobile app in 2011, is an addicting arcade game available for download on the Kindle Fire. The objective of the game is to slice as much fruit as possible. The producers of the game recently made a free edition that is supported by ads. Many users have embraced the free edition with its simple concept and lush graphics. It is easy to play, but the ads seem to divide users. Many report that they feel bombarded with ads making it difficult to play the game. Perhaps a future edition will more smoothly integrate the ads to enhance the user’s experience.

Download Fruit Ninja Free

download angry birds season free3. Angry Birds Season Free

The concept of Angry Birds is simple: use your finger to sling shot birds into enemy territory knocking down structures. Since the app hit the market, it has become the most popular mobile game, launching several different spin-offs including Seasons. In the Seasons expansion, the theme corresponds with the time of year. The game features dazzling HD graphics and works great for most users. People young and old can be found playing this game. Few users have complaints about Angry Birds solid concept. However, most complaints revolve around the number of ads and the force-closing error on some mobile devices.

Download Angry Birds Season Free

download draw something free4. Draw Something Free

Draw Something Free is a social game built around drawing pictures based on clues (very similar to Pictionary). The game switches back and forth between you and a friend taking turns drawing pictures. In exchange for being free, the game is supported by ads, which display after each turn. Connecting Facebook to your account is a huge plus, but getting it to work can be tricky for some users. Unlike most ad-supported games, there were few complaints aimed towards the use of ads. Instead, most of the complaints focus on the Kindle version, especially with the recent updates to the operating system.

Download Draw Something Free

download temple run5. Temple Run

Temple Run is a free fast-paced action game for the Kindle Fire. The goal is to survive as long as possible since the score is determined by the distance ran. Though the Kindle was one of the last mobile devices to get this application, it has been quite successful since launching. The colorful graphics and quick speed make this game fun and addictive for many users. On the negative side, the application is known to repeatedly force close. Some users become annoyed by this flaw and uninstall it. There are also complaints around lag time that cause the game to end sooner than anticipated.

Download Temple Run Free

download bubble buster6. Bubble Buster

Bubble Buster is a free arcade game for the Kindle Fire. It is similar to Tetris and other color-matching games. The concept is simple, which is one of the reasons why the game is such a success. The game is ad supported, but the original layout prevents the ads from being an annoying distraction. However, updates to Bubble Buster changed much of the game’s more pleasant features. Users reported that the bubble colors were difficult to differentiate and the bubble shooter was not aiming accurately. It seems that the creators listened to the users and have fixed some of the glitches.

Download Bibble Buster Free