Why You Should Consider Dedicating Hosting Services?

What Suits Best for your Business?

Cloud-based web hosting is now the choice of many companies, both large and small, mostly because of the cost savings associated with paying a company to host your data. But since security is a huge concern for many companies, dedicated server space is becoming increasingly more important. If you’re considering Cloud-based solutions for your business, here are a few things to consider before choosing a company for your storage needs.

Your Own Space on the Cloud

Internet users have been enjoying Cloud-based services for years, with Cloud-based e-mail services like Yahoo Mail and Google Mail and, more recently, Cloud-based file storage solutions like Dropbox. But as these third-party hosting solutions have gained popularity in the corporate world, new concerns have emerged. Corporations have no desire to share server space with other businesses, desiring a completely separate server dedicated only to their data.

If you choose to go with dedicated server hosting when setting up your service, you’ll have more flexibility and control over the hardware and software used. If you prefer Linux over Windows, you’ll have that choice, depending on the availability with the hosting service you choose, of course.

What Do They Offer?

Not only do these companies provide hardware stored in a temperature-controlled, secure facility, support is usually also available. If you choose the dedicated server option, you may be given the choice to remotely manage the operating system, leaving only the hardware falling under the responsibility of the hosting service provider. This puts you in control of your data, while taking the worries of safeguarding your server equipment off your list of daily duties.

Are They Affordable?

With plans as low as at $95.00 per month, you can get the best processors and RAM, as well as management panels and other extras. DedicatedNow offers offsite backup and full security lockdown with plans starting at just $180 a month. InMotion’s $229.95 plan includes an Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU with 500 GB of disk space. Or you can choose InMotion’s $199.95 per month plan and get a Pentium Dual Core processor. All dedicated server plans with InMotion come with individual custom firewalls, parked domains, and dedicated IP addresses.

Granted, dedicated server hosting comes at a price. Shared server hosting is definitely more affordable. In fact, UltraHosting’s Windows plans start at only $24.95 per month. But when you share server space, you’ll also share an IP address, which can drastically slow bandwidth, causing your website performance to lag.

Cons of Shared Servers

While shared servers can cut costs, you may not know the other servers with which you’re sharing server space. If you end up sharing one with adult sites, for instance, you could find yourself banned from certain search engines. Search engines can ban entire IPs of offensive spam sites, which blocks every other site hosted on that same IP address. By choosing a dedicated server for your web hosting, you’re usually able to avoid being banned for something you didn’t even do.

Server downtime can be another negative of sharing space with other sites. As a site owner, you can only control the actions of your sites. The other sites on your shared server may have elements that cause the server to crash, which will take your site down as well.

You decide!

If you choose against dedicated server space for price reasons, be sure to carefully review the terms of service before signing with a hosting service. Clarify policies with the company before you agree, asking such questions as whether or not you’ll get your own IP address. Better to ask up front than find yourself bound to a contract you can’t get out of.
If you want full control of your web server space, dedicated hosting plans will likely provide you everything you need. Research carefully before making a choice to make sure you are choosing the option that is best for your needs.