Backupify Review: Backup & Secure Your Web-Based Data!

Backupify Review: Backup & Secure Your Web-Based Data!

There are many Cloud-based solutions for storing data safely, but many of them only cover the documents on your computer. If you use Google Apps for personal or business-related document management, Backify will consistently back your data up, without you having to even think about it. You can also backup all of your social media pages using this Cloud-based web backup system.

Support Google Apps

If you use Google Apps, you may not realize your documents are vulnerable to viruses, hackers, and deletion through human error. You can install this Cloud-based document backup software directly to your Google Apps account, implementing daily backup. If you ever lose a document, with one click you can restore it. If you ever need a full account export, you can do that, as well. This is especially useful if you have an employee who leaves and you need to move the data so that someone else can access it.

If you have a Google Calendar or contacts in your Google account, you can have backup for those as well. Never worry about losing your contacts again. You’ll also have the confidence of knowing your document backups are secure with ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Level 1 certified protection, as well as encryption when files are transferred back and forth.

For only $3 per user per month, you’ll get 25 GB of storage per user. You’ll get an administrative console and easy local exports in addition to your backup services, plus a one-click install to your Google Apps account.

Gmail Backup

If you use Google’s Gmail service, you may be tired of losing e-mails. Saving e-mails so they aren’t automatically deleted as part of Google’s e-mail cleanup service can be time-consuming.

Using this Cloud-based backup service, you can always be assured your e-mails are safely stored. Backupify has a search function that will allow you to easily get your hands on the e-mail you need, whenever you need it. Gmail and calendar backups are included with your Google Apps plan.

Social Media Backup

These days, many people store valuable photos on social media sites. If you are a business owner, your business may have spent hours setting up a social media presence. The thought that something might happen to any of your social media sites may keep you up at night.

Another service this online document backup system provides is regular backups of all of your social media sites. Backupify provides backup service for Facebook, Twitter, Zoho, Picasa, Blogger, Flickr, and LinkedIn.


This service is free for those wanting to use the service for personal reasons. It includes up to three accounts, 1 GB of data, and is backed up weekly. If you need more extensive services, you can have up to five accounts with 10 GB of data storage for $4.99 a month. For $19.99 a month you can have up to 25 accounts and 50 GB of storage. All services have a 15-day free trial, so you can try Backupify out and see how well it works.