Avira Free Android Security Mobile App Review: Protect Your Device from Being Stolen

Avira Free Android Security Mobile App ReviewSmartphones are a part of our everyday life. Our dependence on these phones is on the rise every single day. The phones we use are quite valuable on their own but the data they contain is a lot more valuable than the device itself.

A lost device can be replaced but the data on it may be lost forever. Mobile phones are small and sleek that they can easily slip out of our pockets in no time.

In this situation, mobile security becomes even more important. Android smartphones require additional security lest someone takes advantage of them. Avira’s Android Security application directly addresses this issue.

The Benefits

Avira Free Android Security application (Click here to download for free) allows users to perform a host of remote anti-theft operations. The Android platform has several apps that can provide users with a comprehensive protection scheme against viruses and other malicious software.

However, this app provides the users with a different kind of protection, it is solely dedicated to safeguarding your phone against theft and loss and it’s all about remotely securing it. If you lost your phone you can remotely lock it and protect it from unwanted access.

How it Works

Any Android device that has this app installed on it can be easily located. Your data is precious and you must not let it be misused. Take control over how to manage your phone or tablet, and perform actions even when it is lost.

You can manage and monitor multiple phones or tablets using a single application. Anti-theft facilities for several devices can be managed using a single e-mail address. The Avira web console is another great new way of monitoring your device’s operations, get stats such as brand name, IMEI registration, number and other SIM related details may also be monitored using the Avira web console.

User Testimonials

Smartphone users have rated Avira Free Android security with an average 4.1 out of 5 stars (4,246 total votes) in the Google Play Store. Some insist that this program is very important to have and download on their device. Another one claims it is not working with other Antivirus programs installed at the same time.

These tools help you keep out nosy folks who might otherwise have access to your device’s data, an anonymous woman says. However, unlike other mobile security applications, Avira does not claim to quarantine your device from external malicious activity.


Prevention is better than cure. Being cautious and alert sure beats scampering around trying to recover a lost device. However, you can’t always be fully cautious. Avira Free Android security gives you a chance at recovering your lost data.

Android users have one less thing to worry about now with Avira ensuring that data shall be secure in any case. Avira is a must have application on your Android, either it is a phone or a tablet.