Artisteer Review- Get a Great Deal on Professionally Designed Web Pages

A lot goes in to web design. It’s not just picking out what content should go where, it’s choosing colors that are readable and communicate the kind of message you want to send, choosing fonts that are appealing and easy to read, and deciding on graphics and textures that will really make your pages pop. Web designers get paid thousands of dollars in order to come up with attractive, professional looking web pages, but Artisteer gives site owners a way to save money, and still get awesome websites.

How Artisteer Works

Artisteer is basically a template editor, and then some. It can be used to generate templates for platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, and Drupal. Unlike other template editors, Artisteer comes with a “Suggest” menu. Users can ask Artisteer to suggest colors, a layout, fonts, a menu, a header, a background, or just “Suggest Design.” It takes a lot of the headaches out of creating a webpage, by handling all of the concerns about clashing colors, font visibility, layout, and typography for you.

Artisteer doesn’t just rely on it’s “Suggest” menu for its appeal. It also allows users to tweak the designs it generates, and create pages that conform to web standards, and are usable cross-browser. Artisteer is also extremely easy to use, so professional web designers can use it as a fast way to spitball design concepts, while novice web users can use it to create their entire site.

What Customers are Saying About Artisteer

Web designers like Artisteer’s low price point, which makes it affordable enough for seasoned designers to download and play around with, even if they don’t intend to use it full-time. Novice web users like the fact that it allows them to create professional looking templates without forcing them to become WordPress (or Joomla, or Drupal…) experts first. It’s great for people for whom creativity isn’t their strong suit, or who are just looking for a fast, painless way to create clean, adaptable templates or themes for a variety of content management platforms.

One sticking point that web developers might not like with Artisteer is that, though it creates well-coded templates, it does not apply the header tags properly. There’s a workaround for this, but some designers feel that the program shouldn’t need a workaround to begin with. Artisteer also works best for blogs, so users looking to create templates for e-commerce sites, galleries, or other types of website might be a little disappointed at how narrow the program’s focus is. Drupal devotees also criticize how the program handles creating themes for Drupal, citing a lack of flexibility and pointing out the way that Artisteer handles tables and menus.

Artisteer Pricing

Artisteer has two different options for users, the Home & Academic Edition, and the Standard Edition. There is a free trial available, which Artisteer recommends that users try out before choosing to purchase this program. All payments are one-time, and non-refundable.

The Home & Academic Edition is only $49.95, and comes with:

-A year of free upgrades
-Design suggestions and features
-The ability to export designs as XHTML/CSS, a WordPress Theme, or a Blogger Template.
-A limited library of fonts, color schemes, and textures.

The Standard Edition is $129.95, and comes with:

-A year of free upgrades
-Design suggestions and features
-The ability to export designs as XHTML/CSS, a WordPress Theme, a Blogger Template, a Joomla Template, a Drupal Theme, a DotNetNuke Skin, an ASP.NET app, or to CodeCharge Studio.
-The full library of fonts, color schemes, and textures.


Ultimately, seasoned Drupal users, web designers who want to monetize their blogs, or those looking to create more “advanced” designs might not get as much use out of Artisteer as they’d like. Novice site designers, people who have trouble creating blog templates on their own, people who need to be able to create attractive blog designs in a hurry, or those who just want to get some ideas for colors and font choices will definitely get a lot of use out of it. In general, Artisteer is inexpensive enough to be a smart investment, even if you won’t end up using it very often.