Are Ultrabooks Going to Beat Out Laptop Purchases for the Holiday Season?

dell ultrabooks

If you are looking for the perfect gift this holiday season for the electronics lover on your list, have you considered an ultrabook? If you want to consume information and media, then a tablet is best. If you want to produce and create information and media, then a laptop is the better option.

Ultrabooks are the perfect combination of the information and media consuming features of a tablet and the information and media producing features of a laptop. To get an idea of some of the latest in ultrabooks, click here.

dell ultrabooks

Here are some of the benefits of ultrabooks, and how they differ from laptops:

Light and Thin

Laptops are designed to be mobile, but ultrabooks are made to be even more mobile. Many ultrabooks include the same amount of processing power as their laptop counterparts, but they are thinner and lighter.

Ultrabooks weigh less than 3.2 pounds and are under an inch thick. Many ultrabooks offer the same computing power and screen size at half the weight of laptops, making them super easy to transport.

Long Lasting Battery

One downside of many laptops is there lack of battery life. In order to be more mobile, many laptop owners are required to carry backup batteries. It is not uncommon to see business travelers essentially hopping from one airport charging station to another.

Ultrabooks provide their owners with a minimum of five hours of battery life and usually more. Ultrabooks are able to last longer on a single charge, because they use a more efficient, low voltage processor.

The Best Part of a Tablet

The best part of tablets is their touchscreen. Touchscreens allow users to quickly and interactively execute their desired tasks, applications, and programs. Unlike standard laptops, ultrabooks include a touchscreen to allow users the best of both worlds. Ultrabook users can produce content and media easily using the laptop-like keyboard and trackpad. Ultrabook users can also consume content and media with ease by using an ultrabook’s tablet-like touchscreen.

Security is a Plus

Ultrabooks include beefed up mobile security features over their laptop counterparts. Standard ultrabook security features include anti-theft technology and identity protection technology. If an ultrabook is ever stolen, anti-theft technology allows the ultrabook owner to remotely shut down and lock the ultrabook and remove access to any information and data stored on the device.

If the ultrabook is recovered and returned to the owner, the owner can then reactivate the ultrabook and access information and files, as if the theft had never occurred. Ultrabooks offer the best in anti-theft, data protecting features.

Super Fast Processors

New processor technology has practically made anything else slow by comparison. Even laptops developed less than a year ago do not possess the processor speed and computing power of modern ultrabooks. The key to the ultrabook’s processing speed is a revisited processor design and approach. The most common options for ultrabook processors are the Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 group of processors.

Gone Are the Days of the Hard Disk

The relatively recent innovation and development of solid state drives has redefined the approach to computer design and the way they function. Many laptops literally have a disk used for storing the data, information, and programs on a user’s laptop.

It is easy to damage the hard disks, if the laptop is damaged. Solid State Drives do not use a disk. SSDs act more like an internal, permanent thumb drive. The solid state drives in ultrabooks are smaller, longer lasting, and able to perform computations at much higher speeds than the hard drives in regular laptops.

If you have someone on your list, who loves the ease, accessibility, and features of a tablet, but who needs the storage and computing power of a laptop, then an ultrabook is the perfect gift this holiday season.

Author’s Bio: Brian Jensen works with Dell. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family. He has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology. To see some of Brian’s favorite laptops, click here.