AppleCare OS Support


No matter the size of your IT infrastructure, Apple is committed to providing the highest level of support through the AppleCare OS Support plan.  AppleCare OS Support provides IT professionals with a range of solutions for problems both common and complex.  In addition to top-quality phone and on-site support, AppleCare provides all of its customers with complementary diagnostic tools which make solving most IT problems easier than ever.  For all-around support of commercial operating equipment, AppleCare OS Support is second to none.


1. All issues related to the operating system, including automated administrative tasks and scripts, cross-platform integration, directory service integration, and Active Directory integration.

2. All issues arising from iPhone, iPad, and iPod integration, including configuration, utility installation, profile development, and compatibility issues with third-party networks.

3. Software support for consumer software, video software, audio software, photography software, and remote management software.

OS Plans

AppleCare OS offers three different plan levels to help companies get the IT support level appropriate for their business.

Plan Options

Plan Level Enterprise-level Incidents Covered Response Time for Priority 1 Issues Special Considerations

Up to 10

4 Hours

Unused incidents expire after one year.


2 Hours

Apple will assign a technical account manager to answer questions.


1 Hour

Features a yearly onsite review by a technical support engineer.

Customer Opinions

IT professionals generally regard the AppleCare Support plan as one of the most comprehensive in the industry.  Convenient phone and email access to qualified support makes troubleshooting easy, and support staff are quick to respond to concerns.  Customers also appreciate the built-in Apple IT training programs which come prepackaged with the service.  This program allows IT professionals to develop their skills while solving problems.  Many IT professionals report significantly developing their knowledge as a direct result of working with AppleCare OS Support Plan.

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