Apple MobileMe Review and Price

If you own an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC and are looking for a convenient way to keep your contacts, emails and calendars in sync you should consider a subscription to Apple’s MobileMe service. MobileMe stores all your important information online at and uses push technology so these files update automatically over the air. There is no docking to a computer required so this can be done from anywhere. I’d like to take a look at some of the features of MobileMe to give you an idea of how this service can benefit you.

Email, Contacts and Calendars

1. Email: MobileMe supplies you with a email address that is complete with spam and virus protection. The address automatically forwards new emails to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with instant notification. The inbox is exactly the same as your Mac or PC so it is easy to navigate and all your files remain just how you like them. A webmail app at allows you to access this inbox from anywhere in the world.

2. Contacts: MobileMe allows you access your contacts and entire address book from your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from your account at If you add a contact to your list from your iPod or iPhone, that contact will automatically be added to your Address Book on your Mac or PC without having to dock the device to a computer. This is not only limited to names and email addresses. You can also add phone numbers, notes and even photos.

3. Calendars: Adding or changing events or appointments on your calendar can be done in sync from your account at If you add or change an event time from your pc it will automatically update across your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad without having to dock any devices. A very cool feature is that if you have friends or family who also have MobileMe subscriptions their updates are also in sync with everyone else’s devices. Updates are made automatically so no one will miss out on the change.

Other Features

An online gallery allows you to share photos and videos from anywhere. If a file is too big to email, it can still be shared online.

If you lose your iPhone, iPod or iPad, MobileMe can help you locate them even if you aren’t near a computer. You can download a free “Find My iPhone” app on a friend’s iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and locate your device on a map through your account.  You can also set a passcode lock or wipe all your information clean so no one else can access it before you find your device.

A MobileMe subscription costs $99 per year with a free 60 day trial. This is a no risk way to try this service out to see if the full subscription is worth it for you.

Have you tried Apple’s MobileMe app and what was your overall impression of it?