Aperture 3 Review. A Great Tool for Your Mac!

Apple has always been, hands down, the tool of choice for anyone involved with photography, graphic design, art, etc. Adobe Photoshop is usually the go-to application for editing files and images but now Mac users have an interesting option with the emergence of Apple’s Aperture 3 photo editing software.

Aperture 3 helps you to create professional prints, hardcover books, websites, and multimedia slideshows that weave together HD video, audio tracks, and custom titles. I’d like to take a look at the features of Aperture 3 to see if it’s a better option than other application you might have used.

Simple, Powerful, Efficient

Aperture 3 allows you to easily manage a large database of photos and to refine and showcase them on your Mac. You can perfect your images with brushes and create a customized look with adjustment presets. You can even import photos from iPhoto and preserve all name and data location.

Aperture 3 has more than 200 new features than prior versions of Aperture so you can really enhance your photography experience. These include:

  • “Faces” – New ways to organize your photos using face detection and recognition tools.
  • “Places” – More robust GPS tools to explore your photos by locations where they were shot.
  • Nondestructive, edge-aware brushes to precisely retouch selected parts of your images. Handle the most common touch up jobs with a set a 15 Quick Brushes.
  • Dozens of ready-to-use adjustment presets to instantly give your images a custom look. You can even create your own or import unique ones from other Mac users. With Aperture 3 you can emulate a variety of camera types and processing styles.
  • Full-screen browser to use the entire Mac Screen.
  • Advanced slideshows weave together photos and HD video with custom text and transitions. You can add text using your choice of fonts, styles, and colors. Build a layered soundtrack with location audio clips and music tracks.

Apple Support

Mac Users in the United States and Canada get 90 day complimentary software telephone support when a new version of Aperture 3 is registered. Also, Apple offers a host of support options, including AppleCare Help Desk Support. This option gives direct access to Apple’s Professional Application Support Team.

I hope this brief review was helpful in evaluating the features on Apple’s Aperture 3 photo editing software but I’d like to hear from you. Have you used Aperture or Aperture 3 and how does it compare to Adode Photoshop or other photo editing software?