Amazon’s Kindle: 3G Advantage

eReader Easy

Technology is moving our lives forward at an amazing rate. Every day our lives become a little bit easier; tasks become a little less cumbersome. Even our leisure activities are continually enhanced by tech toys. We no longer need to wonder how we are going to carry around that 2.4lb, 784 page bestseller, The Passage or what we will do if we don’t have another book at the ready when we finish it. Amazon has made reading a lot more convenient with its 8.7oz Kindle 3G reading device.

What’s 3G?

3G is wireless technology. It is what is used in smartphones and other devices for fast data transmission, access to the Internet, and uploading or downloading media or other data. It is the third generation of this technology, thus the name 3G. This type of internet connection may be accessed from pretty much anywhere. No Wi-fi or Ethernet connection is necessary to access the Kindle store with the 3G model.

3G + Kindle = Books Wherever You Are

One Kindle reader comes equipped with free 3G. Many similar devices require expensive subscriptions to data plans in order to use a 3G connection. Amazon provides 3G free of charge on select Kindle models. This means that users can download books, from nearly anywhere in the world, in 60 seconds using the Whispernet connection. It is important to note that 3G models also include Wi-Fi capabilities, but Wi-Fi only models cannot access 3G.


Kindles recently became available with Wi-Fi only connections. This version costs less than its 3G counterpart, but requires a Wi-Fi hotspot to access the Kindle store and to download content to the device. Depending on the connection, the download process will likely be significantly slower than the 3G speeds.

Kindle Advantage

A Kindle can hold up to 3,500 books and with 3G, new books can downloaded from virtually anywhere. The six inch screen uses E-Ink technology to provide a traditional “book-like” reading experience. The newest model offers rapid page loading, navigation, and download speeds. Users may adjust not only the font size, but the line spacing, ensuring a comfortable reading experience that may be fully customized.

Do I Need 3G?

If you have ever been on vacation and run out of books to read or found that you really dislike the book you brought with you, imagine how much easier it would be if you could push a few buttons and, within sixty seconds, have another book in your hand, ready to read. Imagine being able to take sixty (or more) books with you and being able to carry them all in one hand. No Wi-Fi hotspot on the beach? No problem. The Kindle convenience is all about 3G.